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Feb 9, 2006
i hate this nfl playing in london crap[yes i know it's about money]but what about the fans,if you're a season ticket holder who's seriously into your team and the game that you plan to go see has been put overseas are you gonna be pissed or not?i'm not just talking about this sunday[giants-dolphins]but the coming years because we know that this is just the beginning and at some point your team and mine are gonna be shipped out for a regular season game on foreign soil[it ain't right]those folks are SOCCER FANS who could care less for our game so keep it at home and stop trying to FORCE change on the soccer fans of europe,if the league has to play outside of the u.s.let it be canada[at least they have a football league]and would understand the game,but stop with this-mexico-germany-england crap...what would happen if germany and england's big soccer match was suddenly being held in the u.s.[there would be a serious riot going on]no we aren't gonna riot but as a serious football fan,I'M PISSED and all others should be too..let me hear from you all on this..i guess instead of-FIRST AND TEN it will be TALLY HO...FISH AN CHIPS ANYONE??

oldiesman said:
i guess instead of-FIRST AND TEN it will be TALLY HO...FISH AN CHIPS ANYONE??


i think it hurts the players too

i would guess in 20 years they can say teams that have played overseas

during the season have never made it to the super bowl

or had a bad ending of the season

i don't know

we'll see though

i think football is fine where it's at

how are people of london going to go to a game?

they need to come here

i think playing overseas during the season for football anyway will hurt the

team because it's such a short season

and any little thing can throw your whole program out of wack

i know they have the bye next week

we'll see what happens as the season progresses
from what I understand (dont quote me on this) the NFL has been looking to actually include the world in your world championships (haha) for years - and "NFL Europe" has been chugging along quite well.. normally full of American Players, who are young and getting in practice for the real thing as NFL Europe season is spring/summer.. NFL Europe was shut down this year.

I dont see it being a successful venture, as the world cares about NFL the way the USA cares about soccer.. know it's there - have a national team.. and that about it :) I dont think the USA holding the Soccer World Cup a few years ago has done anything to change that image either..

(But - when european soccer teams travel around the globe to play - fans are fighting for seats - they go where the team goes!)

I understand your anger, oldiesman- feel for ya!

On your behalf, I will boycott all NFL games played on EU soil. :D :D


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