get some sleep

Brother James thanks for the link to this's amazing that stuff we should already know we don't do. One thing I got out of the article was that more sleep can improve a person's emotional outlook and makes them less sensitive to negative experiences and more receptive to positive ones. Now THAT I can truly believe!

Time for nap!

I can say that sleep to me is very important considering my health issues. I have always had sleep problems as a child, teen and adult. So I have and coinue to educate myself on. Nice post!!!!!!

I know that when I sleep I don't like any light on, not even the clock light. I don't fight my bodies messages...I get my rest in at whatever time me say its time. I find that knowing and or getting intuned with what your body is telling you is crucial to knowing your body...and without the aids of consistant medicine/pills.

Peace and Love


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