Black Poetry : Get Rich or Die Trying part ???

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    Short nonsense inspired by greats poets on here.


    - Ikoro


    Wanna meet my queen and make a seed, but instead I make an officer bleed, bad situation, they send me to the plantation and I'm stuck for life,
    can't f- my wife, no fried rice, dealing with trife, yo karma ain't precise. But I ain't vexed, possessed with the dead presidents that I see.
    I picture myself rollin like P-A-C. Because I'll get rich or die trying.

    They got my cellmate in a stalemate intellectually, effectually rendering him unable to eventually live decent.
    So we plan the prison break, talk to the kids and take their imagination further.
    "We can be free, with plenty a dollar and holla at shorties drinking forties
    and malt liquor while telling thug-life-passion stories. Cause we'll get rich, or die trying."

    Real talk, we breaking out the next day. Word to King Tech and Sway it's the Wake Up Show.
    These cats didn't see it commin', blood runnin' and so are we.
    Soberly pulling the triggers on these ********, bad actors and snitches.
    My main man ditches me and I'm on all by lonely, but I never give up my gun is my closest homie.
    Neva say die! Braaappp. Cause I'll get rich or die trying.

    Got caught and thrown in the pen, not a single friend is in this place.
    A wise man said if the world is a girl I stick my dicc in the ground and f__k the world.
    And I'm shedding tears, I know we all stuck in this together forever until we take down the white mans system or whatever.
    I can't wait to see my seed. And then to proceed to smoke weed and succeed in my gun blasting plan to get made and paid.
    But shi-t, it's strange how we all deranged about this green. But I stay ballin, never mind that my people are falling into the same trap as me.
    I'll do it all again happily. Cause I'll get rich, or die trying - BITC-!
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    I heard dat