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    Are you the technical "guru" appointed by friends and family to answer all of their computer and tech related questions for free???

    Do you have a passion for technology and enjoy helping people improve their lives through it's use?

    Have you been wishing you could get paid for your expertise on your own time table without having to report to a Boss?

    Would you like getting in to technical trade shows for free and getting FREE software and gifts?

    Do you wish you had license to be a reseller for ALL vendor brands but lack the big name or capital?

    Here is your chance to be your own boss, choose your own hours, have your own website and own your own technical consulting business!

    Earn great commisions, supplement your income and generate residual income!

    Whether you choose to be a part-time consultant or you already have an established computer business, this opportunity could be right for you.

    Please visit here for your Technical Consulting Business Opportunity

    I've been a technical consultant since 1997, have a BS in Information Systems and am in my second year of grad school pursuing a Master's of Software Engineering. In my previous corporate life I was a Systems Engineer for Compaq Computer Corporation in the Notebook/SMB Division.

    You may also contact me for more information at [email protected]
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    betwixt and between
    Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome

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    Haaaaaaaaay TechSister !!!!

    Thanks for joining us, sharing the information, a link to your site!

    I have visited and will go back, spending more time reading.

    Please make yourself at home here.