Black Poetry : Get off the Tree

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    Get off the Tree Part 1 of 2
    By Andre Austin

    MJ said get “Off the Wall” well get off the Tree
    Before Satan makes U into something U don’t want to be
    Is American being grafted into something unseen
    Can we hear the knocking on the door of what has already been
    Of who, what, where, why and when
    Changes of the fox’s fur changes not his nature; & we claim no kin
    He’s throw head-long off our family tree; victory is what we win
    Because Satan wants me
    How do he want you, hanging on his Tree
    By he can’t have thee
    I will never let him see me
    We are wrapped up in Sexism, Ageism, Racism and Feudalism
    Divided & Conquered and Prepared for the Feast of Vampirism
    Do not eat from his plate of Communal Sin
    Don’t be cursed from the food of Emperor’s slaves in their pen
    The Cease-fire of God or Satan before some are dead
    No harm on the land,sea or Trees until his seal is on the Forehead (Rev: 7:3)
    Its Titus withholding the Scorpion 5 months to those seeing him as Jesus (Rev 9:3-11)
    Those five months was Titus siege of Jerusalem or Domitian’s reminisce
    Read Atwill’s two books who breaks down the proven theological Thesis
    Domitian is the wicked spirit of the Catholic Trinity
    Hated the old Christs of Vespasian and Titus with enmity
    So he called them out as those claiming to be Jews and were Not (Rev 3:9)
    Why? Because the two grafted themselves into Jewish trees, The Popish Plot
    From the Tower of Tree’s & Poles Part 2
    Yes they want Helios powers
    To see and know all from their wireless Towers
    To those not going to the confession box
    The government snitches your deeds of sins to them for detox
    Their both a disease, a plague, a sickness something like smallpox
    The government is the Wolf and the Priest is the fox
    Beware: they smelling like sulfur creeping in the Lurch
    The two know all your deeds from the Synagogues, Mosques and the Church