Black Poetry : Get ladies numbers and get gravies in hummers see a girl's breasts and class appear she be the worl


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May 11, 2006
Get ladies numbers
and get gravies in hummers
see a girl's breasts and class appear
she be the world dressed in Kashmir
in VIRGINIA BEACH with stats galore
can only be reached at the shore
the cyber text is great
and like a bear I hibernate
but chicks with cake
cause a quick awake
settle after a shower
look at the petals in a flower
it's dumb to come from afar
and not try rap up on some at the bar
see fine girls by the ton
and rap is something that have to be done
or find yourself trapped and can't get none
see a girl with breasts of domination
need access to them for conversation
she tend to her own affair
far as breasts she has a grown pair
run around with a bold code
for me a whole episode
see red lips and forever thirst
have to rap to her for better or worse”
'LOOK BOO your flirt so revealing
and that alone work on my feeling
go on dates strive after love
wanna kiss your lips survive in the club
you have on a mini-skirt and sweet boo
come go with me let me speak to you”
and things can get extreme quick
you dream of me being in your ride
so you can slide between my thighs
in my panties now oceans have occurred
this HIPHOP is got my emotions stirred
if I throw my panties up in the air
guaranteed to have candies and sweet love affair
wow my thing is wet and smooth
in bed you may get to soothe
but for now hey “Lets Groove”
got potions like the EMOTIONS oh well
“Don't Ask my Neighbors” I must excel
boys look smile at my breasts
I guess it's my style of dress
on the phone you dial and suggest
we date need some real hot rhymes
unless it's Boone Farm not genuine
PHILLIPINE chicks go through a lot
here in VIRGINIA BEACH boys plot
to get some but let none succeed
got an all out ballistic flirt
I guess it's booty and artistic work
don't get it twisted my coffee perk
you wanna go down kiss it under my skirt
so you come with game online
which interrupts my frame of mind
upset stomach bring about strange bowels
but when two marry they exchange vows”
“LOOK BOO your lips glow sincere
so true love must grow here
being from VIRGINIA BEACH throw fear
in the average boy's heart rip with flow dear
let my grammar hammer and throw a creation
in this mamma jam-ma that show a relation
to HIPHOP somewhere at the tiptop of a generation
wrote you a note which is a short letter
with all sorts of clever words sound better
when read aloud, i would like to go on a hike
which is a long walk so rap and strong talk might
make you my girlfriend and my world would spin
around you boo and I'll go downtown just to win
your love girl in the club hurl panties in mid air
take to my car let you splash my dash fast
with that wet peach from VIRGINIA BEACH a task
for a boy await your cake, take you for a ride boo
let me get inside you girl I have a fly car so you
apply for a ride “OK I KNOW you prone to lie guy
and stride to be my boyfriend, got a hot flow but I
shall not go after what has happened try strut pie
around my butt fly and round being a PHILLIPINE brown
so cream is renown seem that my dress is down
proper and alive like a doctor prescribed love
drug called kiss a lot put me on a brisk spot at the club
I think you wanna flick my switch up and down
because I have a slick butt and its round
when boys creep around have to keep the noise
down so we can hear bed springs which toys
with our eardrum it appear some left town
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