Black Poetry : Get Dat Knowledge

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    Get dat knowledge,
    U willing to get,
    It's never too late,
    2 get what u want out of life,
    Neva take anything 4 granted,
    Or it shall cast upon ya,
    Neva regret da feelings,
    Dat u had amidst,
    Upon yoself,
    U got skillz,
    U got da knowledge,
    2 do anything,
    4rm yo own free will,
    Get dat knowledge,
    Every1 got some type,
    Don't u think,
    U're the smartest,
    Da most powerful,
    Human being,
    U achieved something,
    U honor dat,
    It took courage and dat knowledge,
    2 get u where u are,
    U're the specialist,
    U earn 5 stars,
    Keep getting dat knowledge,
    Ladies and gentleman,
    Every1 is a winner,
    Honor dat ****,
    Neva give those positive dreams up,
    Or u'll regret da fact,
    Dat u messed up,
    Or made a mistake,
    But don't worry,
    U got what it takes,
    2 get dis far,
    U got dat knowledge,
    Stand by yo underground,
    U're strong,
    Thus profound,
    U got strength,
    And courage 2 make it on yo own,
    It's neva too late,
    2 get dat knowledge once and after all.