Black Poetry : Get Back To The Basics

Mario William vitale

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Jun 6, 2017
get back to the basics busting fat laces running the bases

it used to be cool to obey the golden rule yet that went out the door in 64

open the door for your neighbor then you can chill on a different ice cream flavor

getting fat beats to the rhyme at the rhyme as a reason in the changing of the season

walk with me talk with me through the passage of time get things in line

went back to the old sand box playing jax bringing along your lunch box sack

have I hit a tender nerve yet the time you'll never will forget

start spreading the disease out living as you please best to get down on your knees

homeboy talk a lot is that what he is doing you bit off more then you were chewing

get back to the basics in flirting faces trading spaces all over each places

remember is was customary to carry your book for your girl that was quite a thrill

take to the limit one more time with Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh putting you all to the test

there was a lodi dodi in the house where we like to party cause Snoop can do that to

so what's new today getting Eminem to stay free styling on Trump free stylying while the dials on

snap shot moments of the past having so much fun with the hope that it would last

the streets today move faster then ever before some pay a visit to cell block 9 but that is fine

got Pumas on my feet spliff on my sleeve going to the dance hall scene

breaking down rhymes all my critics can kiss my fat behind cause I'm doing fine

Nas, Outcast & Drake never busted a move in such a fake for one step forward then two steps back

turn your radio on to here the words of my favorite song with Akon featured with Fetty Wap

drop it down with fire blowin it up in its purest desire ccause I want to take you higher

this just it so let me begin cause I came here to win in my perfect ten

suckers want to end me to but up the economy but ******* still on me but no I ain't phony

sit back and relax as you bask in the vast expanse between space and time

get back to basics as you remember when you were broke down to your last thin dime

sipping on Rum with a hint of sugar for my teeth getting something sweet

your a miracle baby ain't nothing a bit shady working on making that baby

just maybe I get the hook up going stronger then ever before

next you bit kicking it with a two bit whore screaming out more

get back to basics to set the dial for one more time going to wine, dine & sixty nine

holding my own when my hands on the phone but some insist to stay all alone

life can be a struggle so bartender make my Martini strong like on the double

working together like both Fred & Barney Rubble to stay out of trouble

see ya on the flip side squeeze while you out busy as a bee

going to walk that miracle mile in my hour of power in fullest of desire

until someday you'll see your name up in lights never give up on the fight


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