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May 11, 2006
Get all sorts of praise when I use a short phrase
To describe life survived strife arrived with knife dazed
To slew cats and give crew stats by using a microphone
Good home manners touch hot banners of my church on
My t-shirt wearing a bandanna in search of a flight that’s gone
Scripts are lyrical got a strip of material attached just waiting
To be dispatched in the Twilight Zone, fight strong elevating
My imagination cause fragmentation to minds while devastating
My thoughts, no excuse for MC’S not to produce CD’S get
New labels and rock true stables make your horses buck yet
With voices corrupt get your choices up be an official beast with an
Initial release leading a militia of peace but you must have plans
And that’s noteworthy with quotes earthly just fighting to stand
Writing is in demand, want scripts strong like a drip stone across
The top of a door this is HIPHOP galore so skip along and toss
Verses, look I do legit tight rap while wearing a dang knit night
Cap, nothing wrong with that when I get the right crap with height
On my doggone cell phone, most learn that growth is a concern
Even with a host of firms can’t take over this rap game you’ll burn
Trying, end up dying with ambition, a great many came to earn
Money for combat and left with funny stats where yall at?
Rap made a depression into my brain now my aggression
Menu is lame my quotes curses so I coat verses frequent
With cement so I’m hard like sidewalks got pride in my talk
Got a Lex I ride and stalk sometimes because dumb rhymes
Leave me restless, set logs ablaze on dog days sign of the times
Write clever script just to get a better grip on brains and
Strip dames with love talk; this is a specific rubber band
For a terrific lover with a plan, drop facts they'll stop maniacs
In their tracks jack, my true desires are like new tires they
Stay on roads rolling on gravel, totaling in travel on freeways
Fill out applications it’s a thrill to rap to nations in HIPHOP
Adapt to teachers my rap features lessens at the tip top
Of the chart, wear flip flops and still in the passions of fashions
Doesn’t care about the wear and tear of combat eat sea rations?
For protein the keep my flow keen and strong this enhance
Knowledge gives folks a chance for college and twist romance
Like marriage prenupts, my flow wild because my rap profile
Is designed to improve stability and lube a facility with smiles
And WD40 spray can, have strong fate down long straight roads
To success this best describe my goal and how I survive with codes
Bold, drive unique Toyota's with street motors sitting on dubs and
Gitting to clubs for parties and love Bacardi this is a thug plan
In the game prevail trapped with detailed rap a female perhaps
Can help my ego free flow, alert and smart with a work of art
Being a jerk could start problems, specialty flocking provides spark

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