Black People : Germany's Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism has 'utterly failed'

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    "German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a gathering of young members of her conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party this weekend that the "multikulti" concept – where people of different backgrounds would live together happily – does not work in Germany.................

    The study also found that 13 percent of Germans would welcome a “Führer” – a German word for leader that is explicitly associated with Adolf Hitler – to run the country “with a firm hand.” Some 60 percent of Germans would “restrict the practice of Islam,” and 17 percent think Jews have “too much influence,” according to the study.

    Around the world, the welcome mat for outsiders is being rolled up on a scale rarely seen in history as economies continue to struggle and worries about cultural identities rise.

    In Europe, some countries have attempted to pay Africans and others to head back home, while Israelis are legislating against immigration in the name of demographic survival. Across continents, countries have closed doors on vulnerable refugees, and, in some places, nativism has reached such heights that urban residents even want their own rural migrants banished outside city limits..."

    Germany's Angela Merkel: Multiculturalism has 'utterly failed'

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's comments come just days after a study by a German think tank found that more than 30 percent of people believed Germany was 'overrun by foreigners.'

    Very interesting article. I guess it sucks to be a Muslim immigrant in Germany but Germans have a right to protect their cultural identity.