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Jun 24, 2007
I would love to know what the intent was with such an ad. I've seen many more like it, as racial/cultural dividing ads are rather the norm here - all under the pretense to create awareness and gather $$.

People (of colour mainly) object, and often the ad is pulled.

I find it impossible to accept that UNICEF was unaware of the offensivness of their ad. What was/is it's goal?

I dont know if anyone recalls the AIDS awareness ad - with a black and white baby sitting side by side while the commentator speaks about aids.. and this white baby then turns and puts a caring hand on the black baby's shoulder - as if offering to "help" - If anyone knows where to find it, please let me know.

I just about wrote a book here, veering of the topic of the ad itself. :)

I would, however, be interested in hearing opinions on the ad's purpose - it's message.


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Dec 17, 2004
Well, according to the blog, it's just a general fund raising campaign. The German translation just uses kids, paying for school, etc as a rationale for the public to give funds. Pretty sick of you ask me.

"Besides claiming that every single person in "Africa" isn't educated, and doing so in an extremely patronising way, it is also disturbing that this organisation thinks blackfacing kids with mud (!) equals "relating to african children""

- This is an actual ad-campaign by UNICEF Germany!
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