Black Positive People : Georgetown University Professor’s Ferguson Syllabus Growing Nationwide

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    In the Spirit of Black Education,

    Georgetown University Professor’s #fergusonsyllabus Growing Nationwide

    Dr. Marcia Chatelain

    Two summers ago, shortly after the fatal shooting of unarmed Black teen Michael Brown by a White police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, Dr. Marcia Chatelain’s sadness deepened when she learned that the first day of school for most K-12 students in that area was being delayed. The decision by officials to change the schedule was based on street protests that they feared could jeopardize the safety of youths going to and from school.

    ... In a matter of days, what emerged was a no-cost, crowdsourced catalog that Chatelain created and curated, titled “Ferguson Syllabus.” It focused on race, African-American history, civil rights and policing, based on suggestions not only from Chatelain but from people representing a spectrum of academic disciplines, geographic regions and educational settings. The catalog continues to be supplemented by Chatelain’s ongoing #FergusonSyllabus campaign, a platform where members of the general public offer and obtain additional tips for classrooms of all age groups ...