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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Hey fambly,

This blew my mind.
Rev. 13:18
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

George W. Bush
July 6, 1946

According to the numerological formula both his life path number and his primary number are 6 To get the life path number add up all the numbers of the birthdate and keep adding the digits until there is only one digit.

July is the seventh month plus six is 13. the 1 and the 3 in 13 = 4. Add 4 to 1946 or add each digit individually

1946 plus 4 - 1950.1 plus 9 plus 5 = 15. The 1 in 15 plus the 5 in 15 = 6
or add it up this way
4 plus1 = 5 plus 9 = 14. the 1 in 14 plus the 4 in 14 =5. 5 plus 4 = 9. 9 plus 6 = 15. The 1 in 15 plus the 5 in 15 = 6

The primary number is the day of the month on which one is born.

He was innaugarated on January 20, 2001. Again the resultant number is 6.

3 sixes!

George W. Bush
Life path numbher - 6
Primary number = 6
Innaugaration number = 6

Does this mean George W. Bush is the anti-christ? No. First of all the Bible does not tell us to look for the number of the antichrist. It says look for the number of the beast. It's the mark of the beast. There is no mark or number of the anti-chriat. So ask yourself why the Church has us looking for the number of the anti-christ. And why have they taught us to fear as satanic and not even look into knowledge that we clearly are supposed to have? But the Bible doesn't say to look for the number of his birthdate. It says the number of his Name. Did that and the number is still 6.

george walker bush

Add up the numbers for where each letter is placed in the alphabet:

g = 7
e = 5
o = 15
r = 18
g = 7
e = 5
w = 23
a = 1
l = 12
k = 11
e = 5
r = 18
b = 2
u = 21
s = 19
h = 8
The result is 177

Keep adding these digits until you have only one digit

1 plus 7 = 8 plus 7 = 15. The 1 in 15 plus the 5 in 15 = 6

There are just too many sixes connected to this man for me to dismiss this as coincidence. Again, why have we been taught to fear this knowledge and stay away from it when we are told in Revelation to be wise and understand it?

I did not read this anyuwhere. I woke up this morning wondering what I'd find if I tested these numbers. As I took my shower and stuff the thought slipped my mind. But when I sat down at my computer I remember there was something I wanted to do. I asked my subconscious to bring it back to my memory and it did immediately. Lots of trimes when I do this my subconscious will give me a hard time and not allow me to remember stuff until I stop trying so hard to remember. But today it recalled the thought immediately. While I looked up the information (his birthdate and middle name from Wikipedia and checking to make sure I had the right formula for finding the life path and primary number) my computer sterted acting sluggish as if something did not want me to find this information, But I saved what I had written and kept researching until I had all I was looking for.

For those who just have a strong need to believe in old Dubya check out these photos of him and others blatantly displaying satanic gestures
Here is my response to a brotha who dismissed my findings because he felt it meant he had to believe the Bible is true prophecy.

Hey brotha Eddie,

I was listening to Ray Hagins just this past Sunday night where he was saying this is not prophecy. This is long range planning. As I told him in an email what was Hypatia murdered for? wWhy was the library at Alexandria burned down? What is the big secret the Rosecrutians, Jesuits and Masons have been guarding for centuries? We don't have to believe in some spooky prophecy to know the identification chip has been part of the plan from ancient times. It has taken the white man 17 centuries to duplicate the knowledge he stole from us.

Funny you should mention Hitler because Bush is doing everything Hitler did. Even using the 911 disaster the same way Hitler used the Reich Stag rire.

Our problem is we think like chickens. We wake up to a new world everyday. We live on a thirty day cycle planning no further than how we will pay the bills this month. Because we are blind to the continuity of world events, because we cannot see the connection between one event and another, because we say "oh I've seen that before" and go on back to sleep the illuminati and white supremists are able to do things right before our eyes.

No it's not prophecy but it is long range planning and it has been said once implanted the ways in which the chip will be used are limited only to the government's imagination and their respect for human rights.

The video Chief Nana just emailed to us

Talks about the Amero. This will make things especially hard for Black people. While whites have moved to an economic system based on credit which will be easily converted to the new currency Black communities have been flooded with cash. . The cash we are so dependent on will become worthless and we will be left with nothing. It's time for us to take the red pill, man. Knowamsane?

hotep dear brotha
Rhonda (Afua Khnumet)
So how are we suppose to prepare for this new system or what actions should be taken to stop it from happening?
How do I send subliminal messages to develop collective thinking among others around me?
I know that I wake up everyday caught up in my own life not worrying about the bigger picture. But I am seeking the truth. I'm the type of person that shares something once I learn something and fully understand it. Alot of people do not have access to an computer or know how to use it. Alot of people can not afford some of these books like the Metu Neter (which I am anxiously waiting on to be delivered from amazon). So how do we reach the others who arent able to understand complex concepts or have access to this kind of information? How do I reach someone with the "Blood of Jesus" mind barrier?
How do we organzie in peace?
What are we as an people are trying to accomplish?
How do we break down paradigms when up against popular belief and conformity?
Ask yourself how is Christianity, Jehovah Witnesses ( no offense to those that practice) and etc spread their "Gospels" and what they believe is the truth?
Our worst fear is the fear of failure but did that stop the likes of greats like MLk or Malcolm or Garvey? No
So to those of you who has the the knowledge and wisdom why keep it to yourself? Become Teachers, Advocates, Speakers, and the like for our communities. Awake our conscienceness and grap disciples (most affective is the youth and young adults like me). We are all seeking the truth but no one will feed it to us (young ones) so we fall victim to the illusion of this world. Too many black zombies walking this earth.


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