Brother AACOOLDRE : George G.M. James was Right he saw the problem in 1954 p.154-155

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    George G.M. James was Right he saw the problem in 1954 p.154-155

    Book review by A. Austin

    White society had a problem with its own Black Mother in fiction and non-fiction as explained in George G.M James classic book Stolen Legacy

    “Egypt was the holy land of the ancient world and the mysteries were the one, ancient and Holy catholic religion, whose power was supreme. This lofty culture system of the black people filled Rome with envy, and consequently she legalized Christianity which she had persecuted for five long centuries, and set it up as a state religion and as a rival of the Egyptian mysteries, its own mother. This is why the mysteries have been despised; this is why other ancient religions of the Black people are despised; because they are all offspring of the African Mysteries, which have never been clearly understood by Europeans, which consequently have provoked their prejudice and condemnation…

    They have set up their Missionary enterprise has been responsible for a positive injury against the African people which consist of the perpetual caricature of African culture in literature and exhibitions which provoke laughter and disrespect”.

    James would later say on the same page he had hope for some type of reform. But he did live to see the Europeans new rise and new low of the disrespect to “its own mother” who was non other than Isis; “My robe no mortal has yet uncovered” was then applied to her in another name of Mary.

    This new disrespect is to associate the name Isis with Muslim terrorism. This is accomplished through the elite secret language of Double Entredre in the mass media.