Black History : Genetic impact of African slave trade revealed in DNA study

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Nov 17, 2006

Genetic impact of African slave trade revealed in DNA study

The study found, in line with the major slave route, that most Americans of African descent have roots in territories now located in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What was surprising was the over-representation of Nigerian ancestry in the US and Latin America when compared with the recorded number of enslaved people from that region.

A statue commemorating the abolition of slavery stands in front of the House of Slaves museum, before being relocated to the Freedom and Human Dignity Square, on Goree island, off the coast of Dakar, Senegal July 3, 2020
Image copyright REUTERS Image caption More than 12 million Africans were forcibly transported across the Atlantic to work as slaves

Middle Passage


Sen. Tom Cotton Calls Slavery Nation's 'Necessary Evil' In Shocking Interview

Cotton delved into his twisted view of the history of slavery as he discussed his bill — the Saving American History Act of 2020 — that would cut off federal professional development funds from any school district that teaches a curriculum linked to the 1619 Project.

Take a good look at this fool Framily :facepalm:


Andrew Harnik/AP/Shutterstock Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton cried foul — or "fake news" — on Sunday as he drew backlash for what he said was a misleading description of how he talked about slavery in a recent interview.

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