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    It is said that no revolution began with the many whether that be cultural, political or spiritual. When it comes to collective consciousness, how does an ideology or practice catch on or spread where it is internalised by the masses in order that it becomes part of the consciousness of who we are as a society as a whole? I came across the word meme (pronounced meem as in seem). It is defined as a theoretical unit or element of cultural ideas, symbols or practices; such units or elements transmit from one mind to another through speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena. …to explain the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena.

    In biology, each cell makes up a community that forms the body, and whatever the body does so also does every cell in the body as each cell feels, thinks, feeds and communicates with the other cells. Therefore, if we, as individuals (like cells) construct our body of community/society, we automatically follow what the body of that society does also, (call it “order”) but is it possible for cells to break away from the body? Biologically speaking, the cell/s would die. Socially speaking, nobody really wants to be seen as an outcast, yet some people feel they don’t fit in anywhere. Therefore, when we as individuals go about our business of living as individual beings, (in reality separated from the whole - truth) then we also die - be it physically, psychologically or spiritually.

    Too often we identify, debate, and protest about issues that affect us as a people. We listen to and read information from our wise Ancestors and from our knowledgeable Sisters and Brothers that offer solutions to our specific dilemma/s. But as others have observed, such information is not being internalised so as to effect change, hence, it seems change is slow in coming. But how do we put things into perspective when it concerns the psychological and spiritual damage of our people? I mean, if it took 400 years of psychological and cellular damage and abuse due to enslavement of our minds, bodies and souls, then what are the mathematical equations that determine how long it will take for our people to develop or re-develop those same elements in order to advance as a community of people? And, this generation is generating a generation of what??

    If current conditions are anything to go by then we only have to ask, what is the dominating factor operating in our world? How do we acquire that mass dominant factor towards spiritual enlightenment without feeling we have to impose onto others our own truths or beliefs? We cannot say someone is wrong because they are of a differing conviction to ours. Perhaps each religion serves its purpose in helping to awaken our consciousness (I know that Islam/Sufism definitely served me in that respect). We each get what we need at the time that we need it and nothing happens before its time - individually or collectively. But we have to be willing, open and ready to receive in order to move beyond. As it is said, the farther back we look, the further forward we’ll be able to see. How far are we willing to go in order to generate a generation of what we envision?

    No matter the path that we walk, ultimately, it is supposed to be about elevating our consciousness, our humanity, and our divinity. As they say when the student is ready the teacher/master will appear. We are each students on the journey of life. Now, we may not be witnessing the results we wish to see manifested collectively in our communities and in our world, but is that someone else's fault, is someone else is to blame? We each have to be accountable and take responsibility for the kind of energies that we ourselves are also contributing in our lives, in our communities and in our world. If we are too busy looking for faults in others and looking for someone to blame then we are attempting to relinquish our own responsibilities. Everything is happening as it should…perfectly, because the universe cannot give us or return to us that which we have not already discharged, or that which we have not already planted. Each of us is walking a path, but are we walking separately or collectively?

    Love, Peace!


    I sent my soul through the invisible,
    Some letter of that Afterlife to spell:
    And by & by my soul returned & said,
    'I myself am Heaven & Hell'.

    (Omar Khayyam
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    Very thought provoking....

    And what is conciousness? The very gift of life that we inhale ....

    And how we manipulate that air is the very essence of what you create all around you...

    Are we generating civilization?

    What is "fitting in"... no more then a burden to the very nature of existing...

    Thank you for this Sister.