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Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, which the Sun transits during the last month of spring, from about May 21st to about June 20th. The symbol for this sign is The Twins; its polarity is positive; its element is air; its quality is mutable; its ruling planet is Mercury; and on the human anatomy Gemini rules the hands, arms, the lungs, and the nervous system.

In Gemini the communicativeness of air and the changeability of mutability are combined with the rational influence of the planet Mercury to produce a nature that is quintessentially human. Curious, restless, clever, versatile, youthful, fun-loving and imitative, people born under this sign are sometimes remindful of our chattering primate ancestors. As the first human sign of the zodiac, Gemini rules primitive man as well as those attributes that distinguished him from the primates - manual dexterity and language. Eager to learn and to communicate, and interested in everything they see around them.

Intelligent, yet lacking in concentration; alert, yet easily distracted; mentally agile but physically nervous, they enthusiastically seek new ideas, information and experiences to feed into the in- satiable computer that is the Gemini mind. The glyph for Gemini is the Roman numeral two, and these people are more aware than others of the duality of the human condition as body and mind; spirit and flesh. This awareness is a two-edged sword, giving them intellectual sophistication, but also a tendency to emotional ambivalence. Geminis – who include not only Sun-sign Geminis, but all in whose horoscopes the sign is emphasized – are the eternal students and natural citizens of our planet Earth.

Mercury forms more conjunctions than any other planet, oscillating back and forth in its orbit as if to be in on everything that is happening in the Heavens. Mercury’s nature is neither benefic nor malefic, but neutral, and there is a certain characteristic detachment in the Gemini personality – an interest in knowledge or experience for their own sake apart from emotions or values – which sometimes earn these people a reputation for coldness.

Gemini infants are early and constant babblers, and they need to investigate everything with their fingers. At school Gemini children may tax their teacher’s patience with their fidgeting, jabbering, and lack of concentration; yet these young “scatterbrains” will learn readily if their attention can be held. True, they could grow up to be dilettantes who scatter themselves in so many directions that nothing is thoroughly mastered; but they also might turn into renaissance men and women whose talents lie in several fields. They should not be pushed into specializing too early in life; they need time to explore their own versatility. Indeed, they seem to function best when doing two things at once. Typical Geminis have hobbies that may be just as important as their profession, or may even become their profession.

With their ready wit, enthusiasm, and eternally youthful appearance, Geminis can be the charmers of the zodiac. And they need partners, if only to have someone to talk to and share ideas with. However, their love of freedom and variety often militates against lasting relationships. In the end these restless spirits will be held only by someone who provides the intellectual stimulation that for many Geminis is even more important than physical love.

They enjoy a literary buildup with notes and letters, and they may keep voluminous journals of their affairs. They might be happy with two mates at the same time, or with another Gemini - which amounts to the same thing! Their most compatible signs are: Libra, Aquarius, Aries and Leo; Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are neutral; while Virgo and Pisces may be difficult. With Sagittarius – their polar opposite and complementary sign – there will be both attraction and tension; but as in all cases, the success of the relationship will depend on how the two horoscopes interact, and not on the compatibility of the Sun-signs alone.

Geminis need work that offers both variety and an opportunity to learn, and they will do best in fields where their gifts for communication can be used. This sign is associated with teaching, writing, translating, science, photography, journalism, and business. The Gemini gift for imitation can produce remarkable actors and impressionists, and their strong, flexible hands are well-adapted to both music and painting.

The colors of Gemini are orange, white, and all the pastel colors; its birthstone is the aquamarine; and its day of the week is Wednesday, which is ruled by Mercury.

The following are some prominent African-Americans born under the sign Gemini:

Gwendolyn Brooks, Miles Davis, Marla Gibbs, Nikki Giovanni, Lou Gossett, Marvin Hagler, Lauryn Hill, LaToya Jackson, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Vernon Jarrett, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, Ramsey Lewis, Cleavon Little, Curtis Mayfield, David Parker, Prince, Phylicia Rashad, Lionel Ritchie, Tupac Shakur, Biggy Smalls, Phillip Michael Thomas, Leslie Uggams, Deniece Williams and Coleman Young...
Geminis on the Internet...

Geminis take to cyberspace like a duck to water. Nothing is more important that using his/her mind, so Gemini will use the Internet to acquire information and to satisfy their insatiable curiousness. Hyperlinking from one website to another suits the agile, Mercury-ruled Gemini native. In two minutes flat Gemini will have moved a thousand light-years from the first site looked at.

Chatrooms! Need to ask what this sign thinks? Gemini loves them! Moving and mingling, getting and giving all points of view available on any subject - this is where it's at for the sign of The Twins.

Gemini has no fear of visiting websites expressing the most conservative to the most liveral of political views. They love to explore all sides of an issue. Versatility and adaptability - two Gemini keywords - makes the Internet a fabulous toy that's hard for them to put down. Learning patience and taking the time to absorb information is one of the lessons cyberspace has for the Gemini.

With a noted sense of humor, Gemini will find much amusement on the Internet. Guided by logic and curiousity, it is miniature mechanical things and puzzles to be solved that will keep the Gemini native jumping here and there to find the solution.

Here are some exclusively Gemini sites:
Geminis and Virgos actually talk with their hands. And so do people with these signs prominent in their horoscopes. This is so because Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the planet that has rulership over the arms and hands. The minds of Geminis and Virgos are also fascinating to compare. Although they are the intellectuals of the zodiac, they do have their differences. Gemini is nervous, while Virgo is controlled; Gemini loves to read and write, while Virgo prefers tools and tinkering around with material things, such as computers, VCRs, stereo components, and/or anything mechanical. Gemini has a humorous wit; Virgo is sharp and critical. Gemini is playful and spacey; Virgo is serious and down-to-earth...

of many at da same tyme frame
fire of air ya every so right
i know me as me forth i am gemini
a man of greatness of many thingz
at da same tyme mate of love
has been a leo, sagitarius,and virgo's
yet i still hold the grounds in my sag
but i find cap to be delightful souls
that draw me deeply hummmmm

internet sportin' round da globe
i fine self here their in a flash
in a second out da next
i must agree wit ya
yet i still await true love in a mate
a woman who understand me as
i too them
froth i am twin shy:)

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