Black Poetry : Gee no jive hope my romance survive now an ambulance arrive outside siren blaring emergency need a


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May 11, 2006
***Gee no jive hope my romance survive
now an ambulance arrive outside
siren blaring emergency need a love fix
may require urgency in this here club mix
“BOO YOUR body spicy with class
and kinda like an icy blast
it hit me now this is BLACK HIP HOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH my tires grip and stop
in front of your crib
which mean you got funk to give
trip also mean to stumble
you got hips as a queen and humble
my mind flipped because I dreamed we tumble
onto the bed and your lips were red we kissed
tame folks
with sane quotes
but boo your flames coat my brain
other words this is twisty slang
and girl you got wispy bangs
in your hair, really some risky fangs
like a snake poison like BELL BIV DEVOE
“now BOO we here at Walmart
which is all a part
of this affair lets start
to holler with a shopping cart
NAW PLAYER I flip flow
and lips glow
put out steady light
so I'm sweaty tonight
no doubt you have game
but without flame
like cold candles
get some bold handles
and reach out and grab
some words I teach vocab
I devastate and sweet
my body like the sun radiate heat
in a love affair had a dumb start
and sure did come apart
I'm a girl known to have gravy
and a lullaby is a song for a baby
got a ready plan
and a sweaty hand
but need a steady man
have a marriage confetti in the van
this exact scripture is fine
put a picture in my mind
rip loose bathroom fixtures sometime
with added mixtures of rum and wines
you wanna go ahead
and ask for a date
a task that's great
judgment reached a decision was made
eat fudge teach religion try persuade
cried mean you wept
tried extreme to take the right steps
at the club a divine dancer
and to find the answer
mean solve a thing
now it seem I'm involve with bling
quicker to anoint
a particular point
in time unbutton my skirt
then felt a sudden jerk
it was this boy starting to squirt
words in my ear about a date
he had planned must be a mad man
he talk tall funk
so this is a small jump
into the menu of HIP HOP
trouble is never nice
and like a double life
trapped between worlds
don't know if you queen or girl
sometimes her brain seem to twirl
boyfriend like Gene Chandler DUKE OF EARL
he jump in the car ride wearing bling
very daring which is a specified thing
at night I rambles in the dark
life in shambles from the start
to a planned finish
got a can of spinach
in my Walmart cart
now I must depart
you a hot guy
but you not POP EYE
repay mean to give back
we lay in bed to live fact
to find mean to locate
with my mind I flow great
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May 11, 2006
with my mind I flow great
knowledge is worth having
in college boys thirst grabbing
their shirt collars
and my mini-skirt make them holler”
“OK BOO I have a wet plan
so girl our relation yet to expand
wanna kiss you let me get my hand
on your lotion soft thighs
got potions and boss pies
when I see you I'm lost in them eyes
since you red bone
you're convince we should head home
now girl it's a dead zone at work
and I fed your dome while you flirt
I'm in a mysterious dimension
with serious intentions
now boo we in VIRGINIA BEACH it's sunny
so with crew can only reach for the honey
your cake and pies are phat
so I have to make eyes at
you boo and tries to smash that


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May 11, 2006
you boo and tries to smash that
need a rap plan for me
now clap my hand in glee
so boo right now my wish is spoil
you can be a mermaid like fish oil
you slick girl, got Reynolds wrap I piss on foil
“NAW PLAYER my doorknob situation
is really a lock and key obligation
seek to define love
get sweet wine at the club
don't have time for thug
and my pantie line to hot to rub
my mini-skirt and endurance
seem to exert and influence
on boys, try remain superior
and ill like a strain of bacteria
got a fiery stride
that's highly specified
see boys and try hide
they enjoy giving me a ride
because they try and get some
in conversations you git far with bling
but then like guitar strings
played for my beauty music
and it's a boy's duty to use it
so you hoping to smash
plans broken by a blast
stable my quotes
unable to float
my grammar run aground
still can hammer and pound
them clown haters be around
I'm an absolute diva
with acute fever
having shivering fits
and delivering legit
love but my dress is down
strut butt boys impressed and hound
so straight ahead
you want cake in bed
but nothing great you've said
to get me there
my thing wet and aware
so I just let boys stare
now this is BLACK HIPHOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH at the tip top
never in the bed alone
because I'm a red bone
and boys love that
so I get my wet thighs licked
and my pies eaten quick
but these lies beating a chick
eardrum try live at rap conventions
but had to give my attentions
to a boy trying to get some
he wanted to be striding ahead
while joking riding in a red
drop top, with bucket seats
couldn't duck it lips too sweet
aw girl you got some yellow thighs
automatic no static for mellow pies
he took a right turn
and tonight I learned
a boy's horniness is confirmed
oh gosh he wanted some bad
ready to change into a butterfly
as strange words clutter the sky
stopped in the car this boy wanna smash me
if we kept going may have crash into a tree
looking at my thighs couldn't concentrate
wanted to jump on top and penetrate
now see a building we should renovate
but now chilling it'll be good to escape
here on the side o the road
got pride by the load
“AW girl you got some yellow thighs
and they sweaty and ready for vibes
played off my Sony CD and now decides
I want your body girl oh you soft stuff
the lips on your thing phat panties cost enough
around of applause is what was given
down with Santa Claus and still living
Christmas, duck reindeer will be pivoting
my rap is clear and proud
time to clap and cheer like a crowd
correct flows from here to Cally
and echoes bang through a valley
bounce off trees
and pounce on MCS

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