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    Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    You know my dear beloved, it is no wonder nor is it a surprise when I see
    white folks create issues of perversion and lay it in the lap of society, an
    instrument that they know very well and that they control in ways of

    What do you expect coming from a people that has its history rooted in
    perversion and acts against Nature order, yet here we are, the Carbon
    African Nation, as we attempt to look understanding and non- partial on a
    matter that defy the very Lord of the Universe and that power which created
    us all.

    Out of one side of our mouth we so praise that entity which we call God the
    creator, as being perfect and un-earring in its creation and yet we run butt
    first into a issue that has all of the trapping of Nature defiance, as some
    of us attempt to appear so intelligent and non - provoking on the issue of
    Homosexuality, oh but that is not enough, we without thinking and in our
    hurried desire to be " politically correct" and in so doing so, illuminate
    our intellectual passiveness toward that which scream out the need to be
    condemned and that is Gay Marriage.

    Gay Marriage and the relationship of Homosexuality has nothing to do with
    same sex partnership, that is if that was all it entailed but to go the
    step further in attempting to justified the act of same sex acts of
    intimacy, is to defy all that Nature has so structured in the way of Sexual
    gender function.

    Only an animal will not see anything wrong with same sex intimacy and that
    is why white folks glorify such action, ( of course there are exception to
    this rule ) because they are self confessed members of the Animal kingdom
    and here we come along, the Carbon Nation and join into confessing to also
    being a member of such a kingdom.

    Show me once where our Ancient Carbon African Ancestors taught us that we
    are Animals by nature, such classification come on the scene through the
    appearance and perverted action of the Caucasoid people and all because of
    their long history of fraternizing with animals on a personal intimate

    Well here we go, as we lose our knowledge of ourselves, gleefully digressing
    and reducing ourselves to lock hand with our oppressors, who is known to
    love acts of horror and perversion.

    This is not anything I am making up and you know it. Go back and study these
    people history of behavior with animals and sacrificial behavior, even with
    Hue - Man and here we go, trotting right behind them, as we take up such
    barbaric behavior, condemning it not.

    Gay Marriage? Will someone tell me what that is all about? The well defined
    Carbon African should not allow ourselves to be drawn into such perverted
    conversation, not along to choose side.

    Same sex partnership, I condemn the act and not the relationship, so the
    question is I guess, can you have one without the other or better yet, is
    one desirable without the other? Same sex intimacy I speak of.

    In Lieu of what Marriage signify, which is the union of different Sex gender
    and as that God Energy has so dictated to such a union to do, in order to
    procreate, then a sane mind and a temperate Spirit, would not engage in such
    a discussion, as a matter of fact the issue is moot to a soul of guided by
    Nature principals, based upon the doctrine of differences for sexual union
    and procreation.

    Is It Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth

    Complete Love To The Carbon African Nation

    Chief Elder
    African Spiritualist