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    baby's daddy

    " mamma, can you give me dat ice kem" said my 2 year old daughter Reese. I passed her the ice cream and went into my bed room to get ready for school. I live alone with Reese in a broken down apartment in Jersy. I am 16 years old and my mamma kicked me out when i gave birth to Reese. I work at fasion cents and go to school. And i have no idea what will happen to me in the next year. I am barelly surviving.
    I put on some jeans, and a T-shrit . I still could dress well, but the bills were a problem. I put Reese in the bath tub and wasahed her soft little body. " mamma i wana see dada" she whined looking up with me with her big brown eyes. They reminded me of her father, Dreu who never came to see us. He still went to the same school i did but i barely saw him. " You dont have a daddy Reesey" i said getting aggravated i was late.
    I dropped her off at the day care center and walked the 5 blocks to school. " Lisa hows Reese" asked Jerome one of Dreu's friends. I smiled. " She want her daddy" i said i hoped he told dreu. " Well.... i'll let him know" Jerome said puttin his arm around me. " So you need anything, diapers, bottles, food you name it!" he said. " I need money" i said walking to the classroom door. ' I know well heres 50, that enought?" he said handing it to me. 'No but thank you its not your job" i put it into my pockett and went into the class room.
    Mrs. Stone killed the class with a 100 question assinment due tommrow. " Girl itll be iight" said my best friend Kayonna. ' No i gotta take Reese to the dentist today at 3:00 i dont have time!" i complained. " you been at this for two years girl hang on in there" she said holding my bag as i drank from the fountain. " Girl here comes Dreu!" she said getting mad. I stood up and walked past him. 'Lisa, come here" he said. i turned around. " What" i said angrily. " Lisa imma go on to lunch" Kayonna said walking off. " I wanna talk ot you about Reese" he said walking toward me. I pulled away from him. " Look lets not do this iight" he said. " do what its been two years and know you think you can...." i said getting mader. " I need to see her thats all" he said smiling. " Oh thats right you aint seen her in a while, well what eva i gotta take her to the dentist today" i said pickin up my bag. " Here " i gave him a picture of her. " can i come with you?" he asked looking at he pic.' Yeah im leaving at 3" i zipped up my bag and headed for lunch. " Just because im not there doesnt mean i dont love her" he said looking down at the picture. Reese looked just ike him her smile looked as though she had not a care in the world, but beneath that smile she missed her daddy. Even though she only saw him once. How was that? I walked into the lunch room and put a bag of cookies in my purse for Reese. He loves her, but not me. Well that doesnt matter any more. " Howd it go whatd he say" Kayonna said eagerly. " He is going with me to th e dentist, and he said he still loves Reese" i said eating. Sh e frowned " He loves Reese, i love Reese i show how much i love Reese, no no he doesnt love Reese like i do !' She said. Kayonna was right he needed to show w how much he loved my daughter, before he even began saying mess like that. He doesnt know her like me or Kayonna. Even his best friend Jerome loves Reese more than he does. Jerome buys her clothese, food, and toys while her daddy i mean Dreu spends his money on himself! " I dont need Dreu Kay, i really dont" i said putting my head on the table.
    I picked Reese up from day care and took her home to get her some food. There was a knock at the door. " Mamma im sweepy!" Reese cried. The TV was blasting and she was already crying. This is too much i got things too do. " What" i said with a headache. There stood Dreu. " Hey am i late?" he asked He looked around and spotted Reese crying. " What you do to her"he said walking over . He liftedher out the high chair and craddled her. " What i didnt do nothin lets go" he had the nerve to sday that in my home. " Reese yu know who i am?" Dreu asked smiling. ' No" reese said. " Im daddy" he said. ' My mamma said i aint have no dada!" she said frowning. Dreu turned to me as we walked out to his car. I put her in the car seat, that magically appered in his car. " YOu bought her a car seat?"? I asked surprised. " Yeah shes my baby, babies need car seats." he said starting the car. " So Reese aint got no daddy?" he turned the music off and looked at me. " She hadnt had one in 2 years" i said beeing honest. reese hadnt had one. " What am i then?" he asked. How did i knowe that was coming." If you wanna be a daddy to her then youll have to be there for her"
    " Iight and how can i do that"
    " By doing what Jerome does"
    " Jerome what does he have to do with this"
    " He buys her things, he helps m,e with the bills and other things "
    " getting over you"
    The rest of the ride was silent. As soon as we got to the dentist i jumped out and lifted Reese out of tthe seat. Dreu waited out side the dentists room. I came out with reese. " so what happend?" he asked looking at Reese who was happily playing with a toothbrush. " nothin it was just a check up". "
    " You wanna go get some grocery or ........" he said. I could tell he wanted to do better.
    " yeah"
    He helped me pick up things for the dinners to come, Then he paid for it and pushed the cart to the car. I was impressed, and he knew i was by the look on his face, he thought he could be Reese's daddy now. As we got on the car. Jerome came running up to the car. " hey Dreu, what you to int he same car!" he joked. " Hey Rome!" reese yelled. Dreu looked surprised. " hey who are you!" Jerome played. "Its me ree!" she said wiggling to get out. " I thought you said she could hang with me today Lisa?" Jerome asked dissapointed. Dreu was in shock his best friend with his baby's mamma! " I know but....." she looked at Dreu. Jerome took the hint." Maybe later, bye Dreu!" he said getting into his car. '
    " So u and J yall tight" he asked taking off. "yea he helps me out" i said. I could tell he was jelous. " What bout Reese she like him she call him daddy?" he was getting mad.
    "No she cales him rome you heard her!" i said.
    " Oh well they hangout alot you hang with him what do yall do!' He stopped the car.
    " Whats your problem Dreu!" i said
    reese got scared and started crying. ' Calm down baby!"i said to her
    " i am calm Lisa!" he yelled.
    " Im not alkin to you Dreu!" i said. He was goiing to far. I jumped out he car and grabed Reese.
    "where you going" he said
    " home and dont follow us!" i said i rushed down the street. But he did as soon as i climbed the flights up to my appartment he was there. " What do you want" i said unlocking the door. Reese went inside and sat in front of the TV.
    " i dont know, i want Reese to know who i am" he said
    " I understand but she doesnt and it taked time" i said
    " She know Jerome" he said.
    " Jerome was there when i had her, he was there when i wetn shopping for her, he was there when she had a fever and almost died, he took care of her while i had to work, and he was there when she was bored" I said defending Jerome.
    " she almost died?" he aked
    " yeah and i called and called your mother said you were on a date" i closed the door so Reese wouldnt hear. " I am 16 Dreu i live alone in some run down appartment, i work my butt off to feed your daughter! i cant do it anymore" i cried. " i havent had a day of fun in 2 years, Jerome took care of her when i wanted to go to the mall but i couldnt leave her with him because it wasnt his job its yours all yours!"
    His mouth dropped. ' Sorry what do u want me today, i want a life but im to young to be a father full time!"he said
    " 4 get it fore get she was born pretend you didnt no me, take it east!" i sais slamming the door in his face.
    Taht night i lay in bed ready to give up when i realized the only thing that was holdin me down was school. I decided to drop out and go to work and spend my time lookin for a better home for my small family.
    3 weeks later
    ' lisa you got a call!" yeleld my suoervisor Anne. I got up from my desk ad walked over to the phone. "Hello"
    " hello mrs. Carey"
    " this is she"
    "youre daughter Reese is buring up with a fever, can u come get her" the voice said. I ran all the way the way to the day care center and toook a bus to the emergency room.
    I had to wait fro about an hour before they saw her. And i was fed up! I ended up sleepin in th elobby until Jerome came walkin throught th edoor saying my name.
    I got up and he hugged me me tightly. This boy smeled good. ' you iight?" he asked me.
    I wiped a tear from my face.
    " They took her in about 45 mintues after i go t here!" i cried.
    " Shell be okay Lisa" he said.
    " Wheres Reese!" Dreu came running in. He stood infront of me.
    "what happend" he looked around.
    " Its okay man shes in the docs office" Jerome said.
    "i ASKED LISA NOT YOU J!" he siad bending to look into my wet face.
    "where she at she ok"
    " no shes not okay Dreu she has a fever!' i said yelled. i dont want him to be here. i wif=shed he would meave ut he didnt.
    " Lisa please'he said sitting next to me. I got up and walked to the opposite side of the room. Jerome came and sat down next to me.
    A long tiring 30 mintues later the doctor came over to me.
    " ok your the parents right?' the doctor asked welooked at each other then Dreu walked over.
    No im the baby's daddy" he siad grunting
    "Yeah he is" i said standing up.
    "oh well excuse me, you wanna see your daughter now?" he asked smiling.
    "Yes" we both said.
    " Ok ma'am this is the medicine shell have to take for about a week, and call me if there is any hting wrong, your daughter has asma and you neeed to learn about the procigures yopull be having to do if there is an attak" he said looking at Dreu.
    I sighed. 'Ok"
    "Here's your bill miss Carey" let me see it?" Dreu said sternly.
    " No i got it!" i said walking away from him.
    Jerome got up and was about to follow me when Dreu pulled him aside.
    " Stay out of this! youre not her father and your not her...." he stopped realizing he still loved Lisa.
    " Hey baby, its mommy" Lisa said touching her daughters red face.
    " ah mamma" she yawed.
    Dreu came in and sat on the chair beside the bed.
    Reese looked iver at him.
    Whose that!" reese said aloud.
    " how you feel" i asked changing the subject.
    Dreu wanted to be recognized.
    "Wheres rome mamma?" reese asked.
    "he is uhhhh"
    "I'll go get him" Dreu got up and brought Jerome in.
    "Rome!" Reese said
    She and Rome bega to talk and talk.
    She pullled Dreu aside.
    Thank you Dreu" she said.
    " I want her to know who i am Lisa, dont do this dont kick me out of her life" he said as if he were to cry in a mintue.
    I walked back over to Reese.
    Reese this is Dreu your daddy, heloves you very musch and he want you love him" i said teary eyed.
    Reese frowned.
    " I want Rome to be my dada!" she said grabbiing Jeromes shirt.
    " No baby Dreu is your daddy!" i said
    Dreu walked over to Reese. "Please" He sad softly.
    Reese touched his hair.
    " You have my hair Dew" she sadly
    " Yeah and you have my eyes" he said.
    " No you have my skin" she said enjoyin the game
    " Yeah you got your mamma's lips" he said lookin up at Lisa.
    " My mamma said i have your smile" she said smiling.
    " Let me see, ahhh you do" he said smiling.
    Lisa went out of the room followed by jerome.
    " imma go lisa ill call later" he said
    " yeah okay, Jerome thank you for coming" i said walking backinto the room to see Reese and Dreu playin with each other.
    " Ready to go girl" i asked
    " No i wanna stay with dew" she whined.
    " Lisa can she come stay at my house tonight?" he asked.
    WHat was he saying he really wantd my daughter out daughter to stay with him. I dont know, what should i do. What about this.
    " I dont know Dreu" i said sitting down. reese has never stayed away from me before.
    " I know how to take care of her" he said.
    "im sure you do, but you have school tommrow." i said, and i felt older and wiser than Dreu. I lived alone while he still lived with his mommy. I had a job and worked full time, while he worked as a janitor half the time. I felt powerful.
    " No today is friday Lisa" he said almost begging.
    " You ask ya mamma?" i said
    " No but she my daughter and i know she wont care come onlisa please" he begged.
    Okay fine but bring her back saturday at 1 or else!" i said.
    " hey baby, hows that girl?" his mother Cathy said.
    She came out of the kitchen.
    " what in the world you bring that girl over here for!" Cathy yelled lookin at her grandchild.
    " Shes gonna stay with us tonight" he said taking Reese's shoes off.
    " No she not, put hem shoes back on, you cant take care of no baby!" Cathy didnt want that child in her house no tonight. she knew if that girl stayed then shed be the one up tending to her. Whie her son talked on the phone, ate, crashed at some part, or slept the night away.
    " Reese is stayin mamma!" he said nervosly.
    " okay then feed her change her do what eva!" she walked back into the kitchen.
    " Who was dat mean lady!" Reese said treying to whisper.
    " Your grandma" he said turing the channel to Cartoon net work. " can i go tal to hu?"she asked. Dreu smiled." yeah"
    " Hey my name Re" she said
    " Good for you" Cathy said
    " Dew said that you was my ganma" she said
    " Yeah move baby im workin" Cathy rushed to the stove.
    " Dat smell good can i have sum"
    " Later"
    " why im hungry " she whined
    " tell ya daddy that"
    " mamma say i aint got one"
    " She did, what else she say"
    " notin"
    "Dreu she hungry!" Cathy yelled.
    Drue got up and picked Reese up.
    " You hungry Reese?"
    " yes sir" said Cathy
    " No" said reese
    " What you saw to me lil girl!" Cathy stood infront of reese.
    " Mamma no" Dreu said
    " C aitn gonna do notin to me Dew" reese said laughing.
    " Come her hold your hand out!" Cathy yelled.
    " No!" reese said
    " NOW!" said Cathy.
    Reese refused. Cathy took Reese's hand and hit her hard 5 times. Reese began to cry.
    " No bad mouth in here no crying either take it out!" Cathy said.
    " I want my mamma!" so Dreu took her home.
    " she what!" Lisa yelled at Dreu.
    " It wasnt that bad Lisa!" Dreu said
    " No you let oyur mother put a hand on my daughter!"
    " Our" Dreu corrected.
    " I thought i could trust you with her but insdtead your mother took charge!" she said. " look at her hand its red!" I was mad and ashamed he let his mother take contol.
    " look im sorry on my mamma's behalf" he said.
    I closed the door on him and put Reese in the tub. It was 9:00 pm, and i was so tired. Tired of cleanng, reading, working, and Dreu.
    I got up at 10:00am to find Reese in the living room wathcing Bugs bunny. " Reese did u fall out the bed again?" i asked yawning." No i climbed out" she said
    I took a shower and got us dressed. Jerome wanted to take Reese to he park today so i dropped her off at his house while i met Kayonna at the mall.
    " Hey gurl you iight?" Kayonna asked.
    " Yeah im fine" i said
    " ok cause you look so tired and mad" she said as we walked into JC Penny.
    " No i was up all night, and Dreu he just ahhh" i said.
    " LOok you dont need Dreu, you dont need him!" Kayonna always hated Dreu.
    " I know ok!
    I said picking up clothese for Reese.
    " Imma take care of Reese for this weekend so you can take my place at the Lakers game!"
    My face lit up and then it went back to its normal pale complction. '
    " no i have responseibility's and i cant!" i sais walking to a clothes rack.
    "No im not taking that Lisa! not again!" Kayonna yelled. People looked at us but i starreda t the rack.
    She grabbed my arm. " You listen to me i love you and i want you to be happy, i want you to open your eyes and know that im here for youand most of all Reese you dont need a man like Dreu to help you, all you need is a friend!" she was serious i just wanted to cry in her arms. But instead i WALKED PAST her and out the mall doors.
    I met Jerome at my front door.
    " whats wrong Lisa?" he asked holding my sleeping angel in his arms.
    " Nothing im just tired of this" i said unlocking the door. I laid down on the floor as he out Reese on the bed.
    " You wanna talk about it or........"
    " Jerome why does Dreu act like a baby!" i said as tears trolled down my eyes. He sipped his wine cooler. " cause he doesnt know how to handle his feelings like you and I" he said
    I smilied. You and I, you and I i kept picturing me and Jerome instead, but it dint seem right.
    I found my self in my bed next to .....................................Reese how was sound asleep. I looked at the clock and it read 12:00 pm. I finally got a peaceful sleeo. The last hing i remember was Jerome closing my room door. I smiled and looked at Reese. She had a cute round face and her curly brown hair made her look like a princess, those rosy cheeks and her cute little nose. She was so pretty. It made me feel special i had a pretty little girl who was nice and happy as though it seemed. And thought about how she would be on commercials. I got to thinkin for a while.
    I go tupo and took a long shower. someone wa s knocking on the door. i wrapped a towel around me and opend the door to see Dreu. He walked in with some bags in his hand. ' What is this?" i asked. ' My things, im staying here for a couple of nights" he began to un pack.
    " Dreu thats not gointo make you a man"
    He looked up. " Imma make tis work iight"
    I let him unpack as i pulled on some jeans and a red t-shirt. he came in and sat down beside Reese. She opened her eyes.
    " Dew why r u here? she asked jumping on him
    " Imma stay with ya moms for a while ok?" he said picking her up.
    We went to the store and Dreu bought her a barbie, he bought me a new comforter. As we got in the car. SOme girls came up to Dreu. I reconized Jesse she went to the school.
    " hey Drue" she said bending into the car window.
    " wassup" he started the car.
    " Baby i aint been seeing you around the house lately" she said kissin him on the cheeck.
    He smiled.
    "well i been a little busy" he said.
    " Oh hey Lisa i didnt see you sitting there" she lied.
    I rolled my eyes she smiled.
    "well ill see youlater" Drue said.
    as we were driving home.
    "What was all that about?" i asked.
    "What Jesse and chrissy?" he asked. I nodded.
    "Well lisa is my girl friend" he said pullin up.
    " Drue and your living with me and you have a girl friend?" i said.
    "yeah is that a prolem?"
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    keepin me into the depth of ya pen
    lovin this keep it coming...............
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    I loved this story. It was so real. Dayum, you got mad skillz gyrl. I was hanging on every word. So many of my friends are teen mothers that I felt like I could almost relate to this. Props given and I'm still waiting on you to reply about us collabin' together. You can hit me up at that e-mail adress I emailed you with. Peace out!
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    I agree this was so real you do have skillz i look forward to reading more of your work
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    Thank you

    i almost gave oup on this sight, because i posted this along time ago with out any one on, no body visted this sight in a while and i come back today and here yall go, So thank you sooooooo much and i havent wrote in a a long time so imma go ahead and start. So keep reading and i promise you somethin better wil hapen i think imma bust out with a new one 2 so keep checkin in. email me at [email protected]!
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    WOW this was great, I hope there will be a part 2, I would love to find out what happens.

    Much Love