Black Poetry : GAME TYME


Miss Lady said:
today is just like each day
I'll say
same as the last
doin things my way

I wake
and I pray
show respect to life
on the road to
gonna get this right

acknowledge hurt..
I know it's there
but I already gave
my fair share of

what more can i give..

my blood
my sweat

how bout the fight in me?
cause I still got some left

Pit stop in this race
to rebuild and refuel
can't stop me now
the controls is on cruise

the speed is intense
forward moving yet nostalgic

like a light year
what you see from the past, a blessin from a-far
I pray'd to heavens
and wish'd on a star

For strength... to do this on my own
For mercy.......that I won't feel alone

Isolation within frustration
learned myself this defense

but it's time for the score
gotta play a lil offense..

And it's run and it's gun
cause my style is raw
when I knock if it don't open
mayne, i'll kick down the door

all my life been taught how
to read, write and act
write me off.. cause they know
I'm gonna fight back

keep it moving in an
orderly fashion
but ain't nothing ordinary
so my conduct a disorderly reaction

some call it fury
some call it passion

but for every action

there is

a re-action.

Mayne! Like ya teared it up in here! Sister Miss Lady! Tell tha truf now! I loved the way you came out on top in the end. Though you wounded you getting back in the ring! Feeling dis one right hea!
Flow head girlfriend!
This one encouraged me!
(lacing up ma combat boots and doing the camaflouge!)
hey, now! hee,hee,hee...
Truely felt this, awesome poet!:em0800:
Desert Storm


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