Black Poetry : Gain Favor

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    Gain Favor

    Stats above the rim phat love for the gym lift iron and aware
    Just to get my lion share of muscles superior so who dare
    Try me in this cafeteria, eat cheese and defeat these MC’S
    With strong sprees have them on their knees in the sea breeze
    Trying to swim and buying Tims for their feet this stuff rip
    Off shoes and strip boobs, so girl let’s talk your sugar drips
    When writing I shares my tablet but now got tears in
    My fabrics need a needle and thread I got as feeble head
    Cling to the population and bring an organization led
    By rappers that apply chapters to microphones that fed
    Folks with misled quotes but its dope stuff, got many
    Computers and plenty tutors, my type schemes is twenty
    Miles and run like machines, this junk will enter your room
    And have dinner at noon yell SADIE like that SPINNER tune
    The hardest artist when I crushes paint brushes on canvas then
    Show pictures while the flow of scriptures in the paintings to win
    Fame in the studio like SCHOOL BOY Q, these words bent yall
    Pride so you went for a ride to the club where the true thugs ball
    So last night the task was right got a glass of sprite and reached
    Fast hype huh? Now some of these cats all hyped up and preached
    Junk, typed corrupt then griped about your luck, like JOHN TRAVOLTA
    Grease keeps my skull groovy while watching a dull movie my TOYOTA
    Won’t start up, the strategy of my battery seem to be dead the motor
    Don’t function at road junction need a quick do-nut let a tow truck try
    pick it up, Set my mind to get rhymes and let the sunshine on my
    Skills and try fill my destiny and that is to write and reply
    Then try reach folks and teach quotes like Grammar teachers
    And my glamour features beauty, in affairs I cares like preachers
    Repair tears before a divorce is forced on course to a courtroom
    Have a habit my passion is buying fabrics of fashion report soon
    To FLAG BROTHERS need elephant ear shirts and bell bottom
    Jeans no rotten seams are allowed, my clothes made of cotton