Chief Elder Osiris : Gadahafy Say Afrika Need A Continential Army

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    Gadahafy Say Afrika Need A Continential Army

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, what Gadahafi is saying about what Afrika need, has been stated to you earlier on, in various post I have shared with you,so yes I agree with such an Afrika need concept, but Afrika must attend to those things that would make such a concept viable and meaningful to all Afrikans and what I consider Afrika should consider as a top priority on any worthwhile Afrika agender is that Afrika must once and for all decide what their sentiment and action is going to be about the Diaspora Afrikans, they who are in the Diaspora, by way of the Middle Passage.

    Beloved, it take a strong and Divine Afrikan that is able to approach the reality of the fact that Afrika is incomplete until Afrika deal in earnest with the Children of our Enslaved Ancestors and no matter how much some ill believing Afrikans attempt to devalue the presence and importance of the Children of the Middle passage to Afrika and what their connection to Afrika is and that we must be included in any suggestion that is pertaining to up lifting and strengthening Afrika, to do less is to verify all talk concerning an interest in Afrika becoming an independent Continent, wanting not to be depended on those other worlds for survival, to be just that, talk..

    As Afrika is now, Afrika is totally at the command of those other worlds and you can take such a Divine Truth or you can pretend other things than that to be the case, which would suggest that Afrika is survivying by its onw initiative and internal Social, educational, economic and political strength, such would be the perception and advocate of an Afrika Traitor.

    Gadhafi is now agreeing that Afrika is in need of a Continential Army, but I share information that require first thing first and after the taking care of the Diaspora Afrikans issue, which should be first, and it is an issue Afrika must give serious consideration to, from my perspective, then there is the issue of Afrika becoming a Conteniential Government, united as one federated political entity and if an agreement can be reached on those points, then that will give way to Afrika Rising to become the Great Nation she once was, because such wisdom of agreement pave the way for a viable Afrika Continential Army and not before then, but as I have shared, not until the Diaspora has been well received to become a part of the Continential Unification equation as the next additional State and those Afrikans that can not see the wisdom in such a move that has been shared here today as much as possible on this open forum, then to serious Afrikans, such expressions of interest in changing the dynamics of which Afrika is entangled by today can be questioned to the seriousness of expressed concerns by those of us, concerning Afrika Rising back to world respectability.

    Now, what is being shared require a unify movement by Afrikans on all fronts where Afrikans are located in the world but share a common dream and vision of desire for Afrika to be reunited once again and is willing to do what is neccessary to give cause for it to happen, all for the best interest of Afrika and devoted Afrikan People.

    Beloved, there is much more that go in between that which I have shared with you here today and you may take it as you will, this is just my share of what I know to be the need for Afrika and no doubt many who of you share a position on what you consider to be the best action path Afrikans must travel, in order to reach a favorable conclusion for Afrika and Afrikan People.

    Like I say, I come, I share, You Either Accept Or Reject, My Posaition Is As It Is, On The Condition Of Afrika, And What We Must Do to Cause Afrika to Divinely Rise Back to Her Divine Status In The World.

    At Least I Have a Revelutionary Thought On A Depressing Issue, Afrika.

    Here Is Loving you
    Chief Elder

    Oba PaAb <[email protected]> wrote:
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    Gadhafi says Africa should have continental army
    ..> Thursday 5 April 2007 03:00. Printer-Friendly version Comments...
    April 4, 2007 (DAKAR) — Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi urged Africa on Wednesday to form a unified continental army to defend its interests, and he said former colonial powers should pay compensation for the raw materials they had extracted.
    In a fiery speech at a military parade in Dakar marking Senegal's National Day, Gadhafi said African nations had the right to demand reparations from their former colonial masters for the diamonds, gold and other resources they had "pillaged".
    Military and political unity would help Africa resist any attempts to re-colonise it, the Libyan leader said.
    "If we manage to unify all of Africa's armies in a single army, Africa will have such power," Gadhafi said, wearing a double-breasted white jacket with medal ribbons pinned on the left and a green outline of Africa emblazoned on the right.
    "We must be strong so as not to be an easy prey for the colonisers," said the Libyan leader, standing beside Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade who was sworn in for a second term in office on Tuesday after winning elections last month.
    While Gadhafi advocated a mighty African army, a top African Union official in Sudan appealed for better logistical support and weapons for the struggling, overstretched AU peacekeeping force serving in Sudan's violence-torn Darfur region.
    Gadhafi, who often portrays himself as a champion of African unity, said the thousands of Africans who tried to migrate to Europe each year were merely following the route of the natural riches shipped out of Africa by European ex-colonial powers.
    "Today, they contest our departure for Europe, they say it's illegal migration ... after they came from Europe and elsewhere to occupy Africa ... was that legal?" he added, speaking through an interpreter.
    "They have left us in poverty. They have carried off our resources and raw materials to their countries ... so we want to go after them, or they should send them back ... in the form of compensation for their colonisation of Africa," Gaddafi said.
    Suggesting that racism coloured Europe's view of Africa, the Libyan leader added: "Who says white is better than black?".
    "Both black and white cows give white milk," he said, before finishing his speech with a revolutionary slogan borrowed from the guerrilla legend Che Guevara: "The struggle continues. Ever onwards unto victory!".
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