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    Pretty soon Kabal was released from the hospitle fully recovered, it was strange to the doctors how he recovered so fast.

    Gena had met Kabal outside the hospitle.
    Kabal!! Gena said enthusiastically.
    She then threw her arms around him and they hugged tightly.
    I'm out baby, Kabal said.
    I got energy baby wanna walk around for a little bit? Kabal asked.
    Yeah of course, Gena said as she put her arm around Kabals arm.
    They began to walk down the street peacefully when they heard something. Kabal turned and saw a man named John being jumped.
    ****! Kabal said.
    Kabal wait you just got outta the hospitle, Gena warned.
    I know Gena but I gotta help him, Kabal answered.
    He then ran to the brawl and jumped in on the nearest attacker wearing a long red shirt and black pants. They began to trade quick heavy blows like boxers and Kabal used a wrestling doubleleg takedown and took him to the ground. The other attacker ran for them, right when they both cocked back their fists they looked at each other and stopped. The attackers face looked just like Kabal, a twin.
    Who the f*** are you!? the attacker named Kaine.
    I'm Kabal, he said still shocked.
    Oh my god, Gena said to herself.
    Whats yo name? Kabal asked.
    Kaine mothaf**** and don't you forget it! Kaine warned.
    Right then and there BAM! Kaine threw a suprise haymaker making Kabal drop to his back. Kabal then got back up and took Kaine to the ground with a wrestling leg takedown and began reining down blows. Then like a stampeding bull the other attacker jumped in and kicked Kabal in his head falling him. The two then began stomping on Kabal. John then ran and left Kabal.
    F***ing coward!! Gena cried to him.
    STOP STOP!! Gena cried.
    Shut up!! Kaine said as he carelessly backhanded Gena and she dropped.
    Kabal then began to rise to his knees and then Kaines partner threw a goliath-like blow to Kabal and BAM! Kabal was out like a light.

    When Kabal woke up he was in his bed with Gena sitting next to him.
    Where am I? Kabal asked himself trying to get the cobwebs out of his head.
    Your in your room baby you alright? Gena asked.
    Yeah I'm straight I'm used to gettin my *** layed out by now, Kabal joked and she giggled a little with him.
    Kabal then noticed dried blood on Genas lip.
    Gena, Kabal said as he stroked his hand gently on Genas lip.
    He hit me when I screamed, Gena replied.
    I'm sorry baby this is my fault, Kabal blamed.
    No your a hero you saved that guy even though he didn't deserve it, Gena informed.
    Kabal then jumped out the bed athletic like. James then walked in the room.
    Da** ***** this sh** happen to you on a regular basis, James joked as he gave Kabal some dap.
    Who did this to you man? James wondered.
    It was a dude who looks just like me, Kabal answered meekly.
    You mean a twin? James said puzzled.
    Yeah its just all f***ed up, Kabal said.

    Meanwhile back at the 3rd district in a house

    Kaine stood in the window smoking weed thinking of what happened earlier.
    Who the f*** was that *****, he said to himself.
    Bruce then walked up with a 40 ounce in his hand.
    You wonderin who that busta was? Bruce wondered.
    Yeah I don't remember havin no brother, Kaine answered.
    Well f*** him man he ain't sh**, Bruce said.
    Kaine then turned to the corner and looked as he saw the man John ducttaped to a chair. He then walked up to his face.
    That b**** couldn't save yo *** you got my money *****!? Kaine demaned.
    The man unable to speak shook his head no.
    Oh is that so, Kaine said as he snapped his fingers.
    Bruce then came up behind the captive man and violently smashed his 40 ounce upside Johns head, making him bleed endlessly.
    Wrong answer b****! Kaine warned.
    He then pulled out his pistol and split Johns wig all over them walls.

    To be continued.....
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    dang ! this one was deeper this been one heavy story line bruh !