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    As Kabal and his crew were kicked out of Georges house they had nothing really better to do.
    Lets go get somethin ta eat, George decided.
    Da** didn't you just eat?! Malick wondered.
    That was a snack, George said.
    I bet it was, James mumbled.
    Well lets go to the KFC then, Kabal suggested.
    Georges eyes lit up.
    They all then headed to the nearest KFC. Kabal suggested since he knew black folks practically owned KFC. When they got in they began to go up and order their stuff. All of the sudden to their suprise three whitegirls walked in. They're names were Sarah the typical dumb blonde, Melissa the brunette and Kirsten with red hair. George was staring like a mothaf****. He stared even more as they walked past George and his friends giggling and gossiping.
    All that daggone gigglin, James mumbled to Kabal.
    Kabal had to agree. George then began to stare at Sarah as she bent down.
    Ooh whitegirl got a tootie booty, George mumbled.
    Uh oh George dun caught the white fever, Malick chuckled.
    Kabal thought it was funny. He could imagination Georges black *** with a whitegirl his moms would lose her mind. They then ordered their food and sat at a booth with Sarah, Melissa, and Kirsten just happened to be sitting in the booth across from them, oh lord. As usually George got the biggest food portions. George then looked across the table at Sarah talking with her friends. She turned around and made eye contact at George. She then gave a friendly girly wave at him. George started to get excited, lord have mercy.

    At the table across
    They were all giggling about George.
    I think that big black guy likes you, Melissa said.
    Yeah of course, Sarah as she did that thing whitegirls do when they flip their hair back.
    They then noticed how fast George finished three biscuits and giggled about it.
    G Wizz he eats fast, Kirsten giggled.
    Melissa then looked at Malick, Sarah noticed how she looked at him.
    No don't tell me you like him? Sarah whispered.
    What, Melissa said trying to act suprised.
    He looks like a gangster,Kirsten whispered.

    Back at Kabals table

    Dang them whitegirls eyeballin us, James noticed.
    George you tryin to hook up with that blonde chick? Malick asked.
    I don't know, George answered since he wasn't what you would call in shape.
    Come on George just put your heart into it and she'll see it, Kabal suggested.
    Kabal thats the corniest sh** I eva heard, James laughed.
    Kabal thought it was too and laughed. Malick then noticed Melissa smiling at him and he smiled back.
    Ooh I'll f*** the sh** outta her, Malick laughed.
    Oh lord have mercy, Kabal thought to himself.
    They soon got up to throw away their trash.
    Yo I'ma go holla at her, George said.
    I got ta see this, Kabal thought to himself.
    The three whitegirls stood near the door trying to pretend they didn't see the others standing across.

    Hey I think that big black guys gonna try to talk to you. Kirsten whispered.
    Sarah then giggled about it and flipped her hair back.
    This should be like fun, she said like a straight up prep.
    George then mustered up all he had and walked up to Sarah.
    Hey whats up, George greeted.
    Hi whats your name? Sarah asked sounding like a fake *** Jessica Simpson.
    George, he replied.
    George thats a cute name, she complimented.
    Thanks whats your name girl? George asked.
    Sarah, she answered as she twirled her hair in her finger giggling.
    Thats a nice name, George replied.
    Thank you, Sarah said like a prep.
    Melissa then looked at Malick and noticed him signaling her saying "come here girl". She smiled and walked over to him and he led her to the bathroom.
    You think I can get ya number so we can hook up sometime? George asked.
    Ok, Sarah answered sounding dumb.
    She then wrote her number on a slip of paper and gave it to him.
    George then walked back to his friends. Kirsten and Sarah then began doing their giggling again.

    So how'd it go? Kabal asked.
    I got her number, George said.
    Yeah i knew you could do it, Kabal said as he gave him dap.
    James was trying to hold back laughs. Kabal then looked at Sarah gossiping with Kirsten and to him there was nothing wrong with whitegirls but this one George liked was dumb as a doornail, which he thought was funny. Ironically she reminded him of Jessica Simpson.
    Two minutes later Malick and Melissa walked out the bathroom smiling. Kabal knew what happened.
    Good god she ain't know him even five minutes, Kabal thought to himself.
    As Melissa walked back to her friends Malick smacked her ***. She turned around and giggled and went back to her friends. They then walked out.
    Not you too? James asked Malick.
    Ah p**** is p****, Malick laughed.
    George wait till yo moms find out about this, James laughed.
    Thank goodness I got Gena, Kabal thought to himself.

    To be continued
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    Aw junk, we got a little jungle fever going on here. I liked this as well.
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    lol thanks i did too
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    this joint is awesome