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    The next Day Kabal woke up at 1:00 in the afternoon

    When he woke up he thought about James staying at Teshas place.
    No tellin what them two did last night when I left, Kabal laughed to himself.
    When Kabal got out the bed he looked at himself in the mirror. He usually just looked at his muscles in the mirror. He was always self conscious about his appearance like wanting to make his six pack bigger or his chest bigger that kinda thing. He wondered if Gena liked his body. Kabal looked to his dresser and saw his pistol laying there at that moment he remembered when he had his gun pointed at Tayshawn last night and saw himself blowing his brains out. Kabal feared that thought. Kabal remembered a man saying "a gun is a cowards weapon". He hated believing that. Kabal after eating some breakfast put on his durag decided to go outside. When he opened the door he saw his homies standing outside.
    Whats up ya'll! Kabal called.
    He walked up to them and gave each of them some dap.
    Whats goin on? Kabal asked.
    That whitebody over there! James replied.
    Kabal looked down the street and saw a white dude dressed like a whack rapper, wearing some fake platinum chains, and some filas which were ugly so James called them fellas, as he was talking to a black girl. His name was John.

    John stood all up on this black girl trying to spit game.
    Whats up shorty, John said trying to sound black.
    Shorty b**** i ain't ya shorty! she snapped.
    My bad girl, John said.
    John then went behind her and began to look at her ***.
    Man what chu lookin at! she said.
    Ooh ooh ooh girl you must be travelin because you sho do got a lot of junk in yo trunk, John said.
    This was the whackest pickup line she ever heard. She looked at him like he was crazy.
    Look whiteboy I ain't got time fa this! she said as she began to walk off.
    As she walked off he smacked her in her ***. She turned around looking shocked, John laughed about it. She then hit him in his face and he fell on the street.
    B****! she snapped and then walked off.
    Kabal and his crew couldn't hold back their laughs.
    John looked over and noticed them.
    What ya'll laughin at! John whined.
    Yo ***! James laughed.
    John then walked over to them. He looked up and down at James.
    What the f*** you lookin at! James snapped.
    What you don't know who I be! John said once again trying to sound black.
    Lord have mercy, Kabal thought to himself.
    B**** you faggit *** mothaf****! James snapped.
    James then jumped at John, he flinched.
    Thats what I thought, James said.
    I'll kick yo *** *****! John replied.
    Kabal,James,Malick,and George looked at him like he was crazy that he said the N word.
    What the f*** you call me!? James demanded.
    You heard me nig..John started to say.
    Before John could finish the N word James knocked the he** out of him and he fell. They all began stomping on John like crazy. James then eight town stomped the he** out of him with him Tims on. James then thought of something else to do to him.
    Lets drop off at the bloods down the street, James said.
    Kabal didn't really wanna hurt John but he always gave in to peer pressure.
    George then picked John up and carried him over his shoulders with John barely conscious.

    At the house they stood outside of belonged to some neighborhood bloods. George then went to throw John on the porch and James ran up to ring the doorbell. As soon as he ran the doorbell Kabal and the rest of them were gone.
    What the f***! somebody yelled from the inside.
    He then opened the door and saw John laying there just now waking up.
    Two other bloods came to the door.
    Who dis whiteboy! the blood wondered.
    Thats that whiteboy who said the N word at the club! another blood remembered.
    No wait, John pleaded.
    The three bloods then roughly picked John up and threw him in the house and closed the door behind them. After their done with him he won't be saying the N word no more hopefully.

    George told them he wanted to stop at his house to get something to eat. This time George let his friends in since it might take a while. Luckily Georges mom was back in her room asleep.
    Ya'll sit down on the couch, George told them.
    They each sat on the couches and turned on the TV to BET.
    Meanwhile George went in the kitchen and got about every ingredient he could find. He then made the biggest sandwhich Kabal had ever seen. Kabal, Malick, and James were holding back laughter. George finished that sandwhich within seconds. He then started to make another one. Kabal was looking at George like he was crazy. All of the sudden out of the backroom came Georges mom.
    WHAT IN HOLY HE**!!she yelled.
    Kabal and his friends sitting on the couch were scared to death.
    George if you don't get you fata$$ up out my da** refrigerator I'mma come ova there and cut some of that bacon off ya back! she warned.
    George sadly put down the sandwhich he was making. Georges mom turned around to the living and saw what they were watching on BET. The thing she noticed the most were videogirls in thongs shaking they a$$e$.
    WHAT THE!!she yelled.
    They didn't say a word out of fear.
    Kabal thought what she said was awkward as he never thought of himself as a thug. They all quickly got out the house. Georges mom slammed the door shut on their way out.

    The Saga continues....
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    man mom's got issues poor fat George
    this story line is tyte i enjoyed it all every part 1 - 8
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    da south............ATL
    Uh-uh, that ain't right. Mamas can't rag on their kids like that. LOL. I liked this. It made me laugh.
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    thanks i hoped it would lol