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    Kabal wanted so badly to pull the trigger as adrenaline flowed through his body.
    Go ahead pull the trigger b****, Tayshawn dared.
    Blow his f***in brains out! Malick egged on.
    Kabal was stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    but the bullet shot the floor right near Tayshawns head intentionally missing him.
    You know what you ain't even worth it *****! Kabal said.
    Tayshawn looked with suprise in his eyes. Kabal then put his gun down.
    We oughtta kill this *****, James said.
    Nah it ain't worth it, Kabal said.
    Kabal couldn't kill another man it just wasn't in him. Tayshawn then began coughing out blood gasping for breath. Kabal and his friends then began to walk out the room, before they walked out Malick stomped on Tayshawns ribs and grabbed the bags of weed on the table and George took the box of doughnuts on the table before leaving.
    Fata$$, James thought to himself.
    Kabal and the others weren't worried about getting rid of the evidence since the police were probably already looking for their victims, they would've been glad to seem they dead.

    At 12:50 a.m.

    Kabal and James split off their seperate ways as Malick and George went home. The two walked to Tesha's place. James rang the doorbell. Tesha let them in. Gena was standing in the living room waiting. Kabal was suprised at how she looked, she was dressed up as if it were a normal day and her face hadn't had a bruise or scratch on it, she apparently was very quick and good about fixing herself up. Kabal and Gena walked toward each other.
    So what happened? Gena asked worriedly.
    Sorry but Tayshawns still alive, sorry i couldn't pull the trigger on him, Kabal apologized.
    Its alright Kabal I didn't want you to I don't want you to lose your heart of gold, Gena joked.
    Kabal laughed at the thought.
    I hope that b**** ***** Tayshawn don't try nothin else, Tesha said.
    He betta not otherwise I'ma be the one ta lay his *** out! James declared.
    Ya'll I'm startin to get sleeply I'ma head back home now, Gena said.
    I'll walk you back, Kabal suggested.
    Thanks, Gena smiled.
    Yo Kabal I'ma stay here for a while aiight, James said.
    Cool, Kabal said.
    Gena and Kabal then walked out and headed to Genas house.
    James and Tesha then looked at each other. In minutes they were all over each other kissing. James then got his condom out and they headed to Teshas room.

    Gena and Kabal walked slowly with each other smiling. She then bumped Kabal back with her hips playfully, Kabal laughed and pushed her playfully. They eventually got to Genas doorstep.
    Well thanks for everything Kabal, hero, Gena said as she playfully pushed Kabal.
    No prob just doin what I do best, Kabal joked.
    They looked into each others eyes as if in a trance. They then slowly kissed on the porch. Kabal was seeing stars. They then stopped, they both smiled.
    Bye Kabal, Gena said enthusiastically.
    Later baby, Kabal said.
    Kabal then walked off the doorstep wondering what adventure he would have next.

    To be continued
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    brutha had heart ......and smart avoiding drama