Black Short Stories : G Infamous but Unlike the rest 6

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    Next morning at 11:50

    Tesha was going to Genas house to check up on her. She rang the doorbell.
    Gena! Tesha called.
    Still no answer. Tesha turned the doorknob and noticed the door was unlocked.
    Tesha thought that was weird. When she walked in the TV was still on and everything was silent. She then walked into a room in the back and witnessed the horror. On the floor lay Gena uncouncious competely naked. She noticed a used condom laying next to her.
    Oh my god! Tesha cried.

    Back at Kabal's place

    Kabal and his crew were in his house at the time using the weightset in his living room. The phone rang and Kabal picked up.
    Hello, Kabal answered.
    Hello, Kabal, Tesha said holding back tears.
    Whats wrong? Kabal asked.
    Kabal Gena's been raped, Tesha answered.
    WHAT! Kabal cried.
    Kabal knew exactly who did it too.
    Stay there I'll be right there! Kabal declared.
    He then hung up.
    Kabal whats wrong ***** ? James asked.
    Genas been raped! Kabal replied.
    James, Malick, and George couldn't believe what they were hearing.
    Lets go! Kabal ordered.
    Everybody got up and headed out the door. First they went to see Jermaine the weapons dealer.

    Kabal and his crew walked in their with serious faces.
    Now what can I do for you two ni**as? Jermaine asked.
    A pistol, Kabal answered.
    You got pistol money? Jermain asked.
    James handed him a wod of cash. Jermaines eyes lit up as he grabbed it.
    He then threw the pistol at Kabal.
    If thats it get the f*** out my crib! Jermaine said.
    They ain't have time to argue as they hurried out.

    They got their ten minutes later at Genas house. Tesha saw them in the window and instantly let them in.
    Wheres Gena? Kabal asked.
    Kabal looked at the couch and saw Gena sitting on the couch with a scared to death look on her face and she had her naked body covered in blankets.
    Oh my god! Kabal said.
    Kabal slowly walked over to her.
    Gena I'm here now girl, Kabal said.
    Gena had tears down her face.
    I'm so sorry baby, Kabal said as he embraced Gena in his arms.
    I can't believe Tayshawn did this to me it happened so fast, Gena said.
    Tayshawn gonna catch it!! Kabal thought to himself.
    Gena then noticed the pistol in Kabal's pocket.
    Kabal please don't do it, Gena pleaded.
    No Gena he don gone too far as to do this! Kabal informed.
    Gena go get dressed we'll go back to my place, Tesha told Gena.
    Gena slowly walked herself to her room to get dressed and fix herself up.
    Kabal and his crew then walked out the house.
    Hold up we gotta get some information on where ta find Tayshawn, James informed.
    They looked to the corner and saw Eddy the neighborhood crackhead looking through somebodys trashcan.
    Eddy! James called.
    Eddy jumped at his voice and turned around.
    Eddy what you know about a ***** named Tayshawn? James asked.
    I don't know, Eddy mumbled.
    B**** I know you used ta buy crack from him and you had to have seen where his crib is?! James demanded.
    I don't know, Eddy said.
    James pulled out his 45 magnum.
    B**** do it look like I'm playin wit you! James cried.
    Eddy was scared to death.
    Ok ok wait his place is I think at the B Apartment complex down there room uh uh 15, Eddy tried to piece together.
    James put his pistol away and the crew headed in that direction.

    They decided to wait until it got dark to handle this.
    Ya'll ready? James asked.
    Da** right, Kabal said gung ho.
    Malick loved moments like this since he loved hood movies. George was completely focused with his Gat in his hand.
    They headed up the stairs.

    In Tayshawn's room

    Tayshawn and his friends Ra, Jay, and Nate sat playing cards and smoking weed. Tayshawn then got two aces.
    Like butter baby! he gloated.
    Man f*** you *****! Ra laughed.
    All of the sudden Kabal and his crew kicked in the door.
    You ready for this Mothaf****!!Kabal battle cried.
    Tayshawn and his crew had the looks of defeated men on their faces knowing what was about to happen. Kabal and the others let their heats fire at them. Malick shot Ra two times in his chest and his legs. Jay was screwed as a bullet piecered his skull, and Nate was on the ground bullets going through his every body part, and Tayshawn was on the ground with his leg shot up. They were all dead except Tayshawn on his back bleeding.
    You gonna pay for what you did to Gena ***** ! Kabal declared.
    He then had the pistol pointed at his head with an intent look on his face.

    To be continued
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    da south............ATL
    Dang, I got a man that's just like that. He'll kill someone over me. But this here is almost a reason to kill fo real. i hope he definitely pays. Nice write.
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    thanks we'll see what happens
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    still fascinated with your plot flow on!!!!!!!!!!!:kiss1:
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    trouble trouble trouble.........
    i can't get over this whole thing