Black Short Stories : G Infamous but Unlike the rest 5

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    After the little incident at the club sh** was crazy everywhere ya know everybody tellin everybody about how a ***** got his a** beat in the club, same oh same oh.

    Tomorrow during the day

    Kabal and James decided to take their girls to get something to eat at mcdonalds, George wanted to come but his moms wasn't haven't that.
    So what would you like to eat Gena? Kabal asked.
    Hmm I'll get a cheeseburger and a small fry and a water,Gena answered.
    Girl got good taste when it comes to drinks, Kabal thought to himself.
    A small fry? Tesha said to Gena in disbelief.
    I try to watch how much fat i eat, Gena replied.
    Something Gena and Kabal had in common they both like to stay healthy.

    Back at Tayshawns place

    F***! Tayshawn thought to himself.
    Them ****** is dead! Tayshawn said.
    They in yet? he asked one of is friends.
    A knock came on the door. He answered it. Goda** it was Tayshawn's two cousins Travore and RJ.
    Just the ni**as i need ta see,Tayshawn greeted.
    They gave each other dap.
    Who the ***** you need us to lay out? Travore asked.
    The b****s name is Kabal, Tayshawn answered.
    Kabal huh, RJ said.
    Whats he look like? RJ asked.
    Tayshawn handed him a picture of Kabal.
    Hold up we saw this b**** at McDonalds and some other dude and two b****es with them, Travore remembered.
    Go F*** them that n**** up!!Tayshawn ordered.
    They then ran out his house and were on their way to McDonalds

    Tesha was munchin down on her big mac.
    Slow down girl,James laughed.
    I'm hungry n****, Tesha replied.
    Umm these fries are good,Gena said.
    Want some of mine its all good, Kabal offered.
    Thank you Kabal, Gena said as she ate some of his fries.

    At McDonalds doorway stood RJ and Travore pistols in their hands.
    Tesha looked out the window and recognized who they were.
    She screamed ahhhh. They let their heats spit bullets through all the glass. Kabal grabbed Gena and ducked below to shield themselves, James did the same with Tesha. But James raised up and let his 45 magnum fire back at them. One bullet hit James in his shoulder and he dropped his heat. Kabal took a stand and grabbed the 45 magnum and fired back at them relentlessly. BAP ! BAP! BAP! This was the first time Kabal had ever fired a gun and it felt awkard to him.
    Sh**!!Travore cried.
    They then began to take off and come back but there were already six police cars surrounding them.
    F*** the Po-lice!!!Travore yelled as he let loose bullets at the policecars.
    The officers got out their cars and let loose bullets laying Travore on the concrete.
    No Wait!!RJ cried as he put his hands up.
    Three officers ran over and forced him to the cement and handcuffed him and put him in one of the policecars.

    You alright Gena, Kabal said as he held her close to comfort her.
    Yeah,Gena answered.
    James! Kabal cried.
    James was sitting on his butt holding his shot and bleeding shoulder.
    Da**it, Kabal said.
    Lets get you to a hospitle man, Kabal suggested.
    Nah all it needs is some rest and water, James said.
    James didn't want to go due to the countless police charges against him already.

    At Tayshawns place

    Tayshawns was answering a call.
    WHAT Travor dead and RJ was arrested them fake-*** murderers! he cried.
    He slammed his phone down.
    I got somethin for em Kabal and Gena,he said to himself.

    later at 3:00 a.m. at Genas place

    Gena was sitting in the living room watching some latenight soap operas. As she did she thought of Kabal. Little did she know someone was lurking. She went in her kitchen to get something to drink when a glove covered hand put his hand over her mouth from behind and grabbed.
    WHAT THE F***!! Gena uttered.
    Guess who, the man said.
    He pulled off his ski mask and it was Tayshawn. Tears began to form in Genas eyes. Tayshawn carried Gena back to her room kicking and screaming.

    He then closed the door behind him.

    To be continued
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    da south............ATL
    Dang, this is getting juicy and juicer. I like this. Ay Negro Harmony, you can definitely do yo thing. Keep it going. What happens to Gena??
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    sorry you'll have to find out tomorrow I'm gettin sleeply lol don't worry it won't take long
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    all snap dude done made way in her crib
    guess he gonna take him some ............whoa it's getting deep