Black Short Stories : G Infamous but Unlike the rest 4

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    Kabal woke up and found himself in a soft bed with dry blood over his mouth. He slowly opened his eyes and saw an angel-like face looking at him.
    G..Gena, Kabal said.
    Hi Kabal, Gena said teary eyed.
    She then hugged him tight.
    I'm sorry this happened to you Kabal its all my fault, Gena said.
    No don't blame yourself Gena its alright, Kabal replied.
    Kabal then sat himself up.
    So how did I get here? Kabal asked.
    James found you and this was the nearest place, Gena answered.
    Oh i see, Kabal said.
    James and Tesha then walked in the room.
    You aiight man? James asked.
    Yeah I'll live, Kabal answered.
    Don't worry we gonna get that mothafucka for this! James declared.
    Usually Kabal never resorts to violence.
    Kabal nodded his head. Gena then looked at Kabal worried.
    Don't worry Gena we gon handle this, Kabal assured.
    And Gena I'm not a violent person by nature but I gotta get him back for my pride, Kabal informed.
    I know,Gena said as she hugged Kabal tight around his waist.
    Tesha was in full disbelief of what happened. Kabal and Gena then looked each in the eyes patienately. James knew what was about to happened so he
    walked out the room and signalled for Tesha to come too. Kabal and Gena lips slowly made contact and they kissed patienately. This was Kabals first kiss it was exciting for him. They then let go slowly.
    Gena I'll only do this if I see Tayshawn I really don't want beef, Kabal decided.
    Ok good, Gena replied.
    Kabal smiled at her and then walked out. Gena put her hands over her heart smiling.

    Back at Kabals house...

    James we ain't gonna go after Tayshawn unless we see him alright I wanna keep things safe for Gena, Kabal decided.
    Alright but I'll be ready, James said.
    I need to get my mind off this, Kabal said.
    How about we take our girls to the Paradise Club, James suggested.
    Cool, Kabal said

    After the phonecalls were made to their girls they went to go get George. James rang the doorbell. As soon as that happened a gunshot went off.
    What in the hell!! Georges mother screamed.
    Kabal and James looked at each other in shock.
    George get yo black crispy fatass to this door and get these hoodrats off my porch!! his mother ordered.
    George opened the door.
    Yo we goin to the Paradise Club tonight wanna come? James asked.
    Aiight hold on, George said.
    George walked back in his house.
    Mom I'm goin to the Paradise Club tonight, George informed.
    WHAT what for its not like yo twinkie eatin fatass gonna get numbers or girls look at ya sweatin and ya ain't even did nothin! his mother said.
    Bye mom, George said as he walked out.
    Kabal and James were trying to hold back laughter and tears.
    They later got Malick.

    At 9:00 at the Paradise Club

    Kabal and Gena and his friends arrived at the club. To everybody this was tight. Kabal liked the what Gena was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, silver chain,applebottom jeans, and black high heels. She at least knowed how to dress but to Kabal half them girls in the club needed to put some clothes on, especially when he saw a fat girl wearing a too short mini skirt trying to pop.
    James, Malick, George, Tesha, Gena, and Kabal tried their hardest not to laugh at her.
    Gena you lookin good girl as always, Kabal complimented.
    Aww thank you, Gena replied childlike.
    When Gena walked he noticed she wasn't to good at walking in heels from the way she stumbled every 2 seconds. Kabal tried not to laugh.
    Wanna dance, Gena asked.
    Of course my sweet lady, Kabal said knight like.
    She thought it was funny. Kabal did get a little nervous since he hadn't had much experience dancing with girls. They went in the dancefloor. The song Chris Brown "Run It" was playing. Gena then put her butt against Kabal moving her hips back and forth. Kabal did what he saw on TV and moved his hips with hers and had his hands on her hips. Gena was feelin Kabal. Gena then began to shake her *** against Kabal. Kabal stayed against her and followed.
    Yeah thats my *****! James yelled.
    Tesha then started laughing as her and James danced.
    Kabal and Gena went for six minutes. Malick at the bar smokin weed and talking with some lightskinned girl. George had in his hand a bag of chips and looked at the dancefloor trying to scope out a girl for himself to prove his moms wrong. Kabal and James looked over the crowd and saw Tayshawn.
    There his *** go! James cried.
    Kabal got pumped up.
    No! Gena and Tesha cried.
    Kabal and James ran through a bunch of people and jumped on Tayshawn. Kabal knocked the hell out of him and knocked him to the floor. They then began stomping on him. It suddenly seemed like the whole club went in a riot.
    Bouncers and security guards were everywhere.
    ****! James said noticing them.
    Kabal and James then began running the other away with two bouncers built like the Incredible Hulk chasing them.
    Come on lets go! James called to the girls.
    Kabal knew Gena couldn't run in the heels so he picked her up and ran with her over his shoulders. Malick put up his weed to save it for later and ran with them and George joined the fray with the bag of chips in his hand. Fatass muthafucka.
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    da south............ATL
    This is a juicy story right here. I like this. Much love for this....much love.
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    coming from you that really means a lot thanks
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    getting hot in here and the club swingers seem happy !
    man George mom be blastin his butt whewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!