Black Short Stories : G Infamous but Unlike the rest 2

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    Next Day at Teshas house

    So what happened girl? Tesha asked.
    That ***** Tayshawn wouldn't take no for an answer when i told him it was over and he hit me, Gena explained.
    Tesha looked shocked.
    But Kabal came to my rescue thank God, Gena said.
    Ah yo own knight in shining armor, Tesha laughed.
    Gena laughed too.
    You wanna talk to him again? Tesha asked.
    Not right now, Gena said smiling.
    But Tesha wasn't the type to take no for an answer.
    Know you lyin, she said as she grabbed the phone and dialed in the number.

    Back at Kabals place

    Kabal and James heard the phone ring. Kabal picked.
    Hello, Kabal answered.
    Whats up Kabal, Tesha answered.
    hey Tesha, Kabal replied.
    My girl Gena wanna talk to ya, Tesha said.
    Kabal got nervous.
    Alright cool, Kabal said trying to be confident.
    Gena picked up.
    Hello, Gena said sounding somewhat seductive.
    Whats up Gena, Kabal replied in a suave manner.
    I just wanna thank you again for having my back at the movies, Gena thanked.
    No prob I've always wanted to be a hero, Kabal said trying to sound heroic.
    Gena laughed at that, Kabal laughed with her.
    Ya know you don't seem like everybody else, Gena said.
    What do ya mean? Kabal said knowing exactly what she meant.
    Well your kind, honest, you try to use proper words, and you don't just look at me as just a girl with a fatass or a ho or anything, Gena explained.
    Thank you I like to try and be honorable as much as I can, Kabal replied.
    Gena giggled a little and Kabal giggled with her.
    If Tayshawn gives you any problems let me know aiight, Kabal suggested.
    Don't worry I will your my hero, Gena joked.
    Kabal laughed with her.
    Bye, Gena said.
    See you at the crossroads, Kabal replied.
    What, Gena said.
    Gena understood it and laughed a little.
    Bye, Kabal said.
    They both hung up.

    Nice goin Mr.Hercules, James laughed.
    Shut up man, Kabal laughed.
    Lets go outside *****, James suggested.
    Alright cool, Kabal said.
    They both then walked out the door to the streets.
    James turned around and noticed a familiar figure.
    Ah Sh**, Kabal said underneath his breath.
    The man was a black male about thirty, black and ashy as he** with no shirt on but wearing some dirty brown pants and no shoes. His name was Eddy.
    You got some blow got some rocks? the crackhead asked twitching.
    You got my money mothaf****? James demanded.
    I only got a little bit, Eddy pathetically said.
    B**** this ain't no charity case get the f*** out my face! James commanded.
    PLEASE I'll do anything!!Eddy pleaded.
    Man gone somewhere before I clip yo ***! James warned.
    Eddy then ran up on James and grabbed him.
    B****! James cried.
    James then pulled out his 45 magnum and pointed it with intent. Eddy then took off running. James would've ran after him but he ain't catching no crackhead. Kabal shook his head in disbelief and laughed about it.

    They then walked to they're homie George's house. James rang the doorbell.
    What the F***!! George's mother yelled.
    Kabal and James began to get a little nervous.
    George get yo fata** up and answer that do!! George's mother yelled.
    George came to the door and pulled it open. George was what you would call a fata** mothaf****. He was 6'2, near 300 pounds, black as he**, and strong as an ox.
    Whats up George, James and Kabal greeted.
    Whats up hold on I'll be out in a minute, George said.
    George walked back in to tell his mom he was going out.
    Go to the store and bring me back some cigarettes, his mother told.
    You gonna gimme the money? George asked.
    B**** you betta go in yo savings and get them pennies, you better steal' em
    I don't give a da** but you get caught don't bring yo fatdirty a** back ta this house!! his mother explained.
    George then walked out the house.
    Ya'll seen Malick? George asked.
    Nah he probably out smokin weed somewhere, James said.
    We gotta go to da store on the way, George said.
    Cool, Kabal said.
    They then headed off the porch on their way to the their destination.
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    mom's was cold blooded got George on a mission
    and look like Kabal and Gena gonna hook up after all

    keep it coming pt.3 please
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    alright now you got me wanting more of this!!!!!!!!!!:star:
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    da south............ATL
    Dang, the mama is off the chains in this!!!!!!!!!!LOL. Nice write!!!!!!!!!!!
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    thanks very appreciated