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    "Darkness just before dawn"

    Thousands of thoughts went through Kabals head as he prepared for his conquest to save Gena. Kabal, James, Malick, and George were all dressed in black and wearing ski masks. In the car they drove Beanie Siegels "Tales of a Hustler" began playing.

    In the inside of the bank people were walking in and out cashing in checks and deposits. BOOM! the door kicked open and Kabal and his soldriers rushed in guns pointed.
    Everybody down! James yelled.
    Dozens of people began dropping to their knees covering their heads with their arms screaming. Kabals heart raced with every scream he heard.
    If only there was another way, Kabal thought to himself.
    He then ran up to the counter where the bankcasher stood frightened. He then put the bag up to her. She screamed not knowing what else to do.
    Chill chill I don't wanna do this just put the money in the bag please! Kabal pleaded trying not to point his gun too close.
    She nervously complied and began shoving wads of cash in the bag.
    Come on hurry up! Kabal said.
    All of the sudden three security guards ran in through the back door ready to defend. Kabals three soldriers began to fire at them relentlessly.
    Stop freeze!! one of the guards cried.
    Malick shot him in his leg and he dropped and George and James shot the other two down.
    Lets get the f*** outta here!! George cried.
    They then ran out with the cash and into the getaway car with several police cars in pursuit.

    After a desperation of twists, turns and borrowed time Kabal and his friends got away and back to his place.
    I can't believe this sh**, Kabal said looking at the paper.
    Kabal then picked up the phone and dialed Donovans number.
    Who the f*** is this? Donovan greeted.
    I got yo money now what about my girl! Kabal demanded.
    Yeah ***** you better have that dough come down to 5th Avenue to the white house muthaf***a, Donovan answered.
    Let me talk to my girl! Kabal demanded.
    You wanna talk to her, Donovan laughed.
    He then put the phone up to Gena and she yelled Kabal help!
    She don't sound too happy to see you *****, Donovan laughed.
    Whatever! Kabal said and then hung up.
    Come on lets go! Kabal commanded his crew.

    They ten minutes later were at the the Ryder Triplets crib in front of the house. Donovan then walked out.
    Ya'll muthaf***s here you got my dough! Donovan demanded.
    Kabal then held up the moneybag.
    I see you betta know whats up, Donovan taunted.
    Siege then walked out dragging Gena with him.
    Kabal!! Gena cried.
    Gena everythings gonna be alright! Kabal assured.
    B**** shut the f*** up! Siege warned Gena.

    Inside the house Tesha and Sarah were both ducttaped behind eachother in two chairs like Day Day and Roach in Next Friday.
    F*** them p***** ni**as wait till they get here Donovan gonna get f****ed up! Tesha said.
    How did we get ourselves into this mess, Sarah said to herself.
    I don't know but somebody need ta come in here and get me out this godd*** chair, Tesha replied.
    This like a scarface movie and sh**, Tesha said to herself.

    I got yo money let her go, Kabal advised.
    Relax partna gimme my paper, Donovan ordered.
    And let Tesha and Sarah go! Kabal said.
    Fine fine *****, Donovan said.
    Troy go cut'em free *****! Donovan ordered.
    Troy rushed in the house to set them free.
    Kabal then threw the moneybag at Donovan and he grabbed it.
    Its all there, Kabal said.
    Heh heh yeah Siege turn that ho loose, Donovan advised.
    Siege then pushed Gena to Kabal. She then held on tight to Kabal.
    Don't worry I'm here girl, Kabal assured.
    Tesha and Sarah then came rushing out the house.
    Lets get the f*** outta here! Tesha said.
    As soon as Kabal turned his back ready to depart BANG!

    To be continued
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    very nice time you did the book before you reveal all of it
    this whole joint is tyte , good read
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    thanks appreciate it that junk with Tesha doin all that cussin was funny as heck to me lol

    can you try and guess what happens next