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    Afternoon at the mall

    Yeah girl! Tesha said.
    You think Kabal would like these? Gena asked showing her some highheels.
    You know that ***** Kabal a softie yeah, Gena laughed.
    Ah thats my baby, Gena laughed.
    Sarah then ran over to them.
    Hey girls look! Sarah said energetically.
    She then showed them some jeans she tried on.
    Look at my booty! Sarah said like a wannabe.
    Gena and Tesha were trying to hold back laughs.
    Uh yeah, Gena said meekly.
    All of the sudden a dude in a red T came up behind Tesha and smacked her *** so hard it echoed throughout the store.
    HOLD UP! Tesha cried as she flinched from the suprise.
    The dude in the red T began walking off laughing while Tesha was about to go after him when Gena began holding Tesha back.
    Let me go! Tesha demanded.
    Don't cause no scene over no little ***** like that! Gena advised.
    F*** lets go, Tesha decided.

    Later all three were on their way out the mall....

    All of the sudden Troy of the Ryder triplets came up behind Sarah. She was about to scream when all of the sudden he shoved his gun in Sarahs mouth.
    Bi*** shut the f*** up! Troy warned.
    She stood there looking into his eyes and the and at the gun about to cry from fear.
    ***** what the f***! Tesha replied.
    Troy got hostile and took the gun out of Sarahs mouth and pointed the gun at Tesha and Gena.
    Shut up get in that black van hurry the f*** up!! Troy demanded.
    They then began to make their way to the van and three other gangsta ni**as roughly grabbed them and shoved them in.
    Ah bi*** that Kabal ***** gonna be six feet deep when we get to his punk *** looks like yo *** played the wrong cards bi****! Donovan informed.
    Bi*** get the f*** offa me!!Tesha roared.
    One of the men covered her mouth with his big hand and pulled her up against him and put the gun up to her nose.
    Say somethin b**** so i can blow yo godda** brains out, he warned.
    She sat there glaring angrily at him. He then went in her pocket and snatched out a cellphone.
    Ah cellphone *****, he said to Donovan.
    Toss that sh** here, Donovan ordered.
    He then handed him the cellphone.

    An hour later at Kabals house

    Kabal and his crew were at the crib lifting weights for the time being.
    I wonder where Gena and Tesha been at? Kabal wondered.
    You know how they is when it comes to shoppin and sh**, James laughed.
    All of the sudden Kabals phone rang. He picked up.
    Hello, Kabal answered.
    Yeah this Kabal? Donovan asked.
    Yeah, Kabal replied.
    Good because I got yo b**** and her friends *****, Donovan informed.
    What what you done to GENA! Kabal demanded.
    Nothin so far but if you don't meet my demands her, that whitegirl, and that loudmouth ho gonna be buried, Donovan informed.
    Leave them outta this! Kabal demanded.
    Shut the f*** up I call the shots here! Donovan replied.
    What, Kabal said.
    200 grande and I suggest you do it pretty da** quick, Donovan said.
    Sh** man you better sware Gena won't be hurt! Kabal decided.
    ***** you get my money you get yo b****, Donovan informed and hung up the phone.

    Yo I got this muthaf**** shook, Donovan laughed.
    His crew laughed with him.
    That ***** serious about this ho, Donovan noticed.
    He then walked up to Gena and her friends. All three of them were sitting helpless on the couch trying not to look at Donovan. He then stood in Genas face, she looked at him with anger and hatred. She then began to utter sounds underneath the tape.
    You wanna say somethin? Donovan joked.
    Yeah I wanna say somethin you punka$$ bi*** wait till Kabal gets here he's gonna lay yo...Gena began.
    Before she could finish Donovan backhanded the he** out of Gena laying her unconcious.
    Ho, Donovan snickered.

    Kabal was on his knees almost crying in desperation.
    Kabal I sware on my grandfathers grave we gonna get them back and smoke them bi****s! James promised.
    How da f*** is we gonna get two hundred grande ! Kabal wondered.
    ***** we gotta get it the fastway skimask way! Malick suggested.
    I'm down don't nobody f*** wit Sarah! George added.
    Kabal then raised his fist and smashed it through is table breaking it upon impact as he clinched his fist feeling neither pain nore caring for the pain.
    Now it seems Dead Presidents is the only option.

    To be continued....
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