Black Short Stories : G Infamous but Unlike the rest 12

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    Yeah ya scared ain't ya *****!? Donovan taunted as he kept the gun in Kabals face.
    James also had his heat readily aimed.
    Donovan suddenly looked the other way and Kabal kicked the gun out of Donovans hand and he sprung back to his feet. They then looked each other in the eye with rivalry. All of the sudden the police busted.
    FREEZE! the police yelled.
    5:0!! Troy called.
    The Ryder triplets took off the other way along with Kabal and his crew running out the back way.

    A day earlier at the policestation

    RJ one of the assailants who was responsible for a massacre at a fastfood restaurant was being questioned.
    So tell me what i want to know come on, Officer Blake said.
    RJ sat silent.
    Surely you must know something about this Kabal and his friends, Officer Jones said.
    I don't know sh**, RJ said.
    Officer Blake then smacked RJ in the back of his head.
    Does it look like we're playing with you punk you were responsible for 5 deaths and 6 injuries at the McDonalds you go ahead and stay silent and watch how fast we'll put you away! Officer Jones warned.
    Man, RJ mumbled.
    Speak up! Officer Blake said as he again smacked RJ in the back of his head.
    RJ then talked like a parrot about Kabal and his friends to save his own ***.

    Next Night

    Kabal and Gena were spending the night together. Gena suddenly buried her head in her arms.
    Whats wrong baby? Kabal said concerned.
    It seems like everywhere we go nobody will let us live in peace, Gena weaped.
    Don't worry I'll always protect you, Kabal said as he held Gena close.
    Kabal I love u, Gena said.
    And I love u, Kabal said back.
    They then kissed passionately. Kabal and Gena then got on the bed. Kabal would soon no longer be a virgin.

    Next Day at 5 in the afternoon Kabal invited all his friends over. He had Fat Joes CD All or Nothing playing. James and Tesha were dancing to " Get it Poppin". Kabal and Gena couldn't stop smiling at each other. All of the suddent there was a loud knock on the door.
    Oh sh**, Malick said.
    All of the sudden swat team members busted in and Gena and Tesha were screaming in fear. They then hostily jumped on Kabal and his friends.
    Shut the f*** up!! one of the swat team members yelled Gena and Tesha.
    This police brutality! Kabal cried.
    Gena and Tesha wouldn't scream and the swat team members tied up Gena and Tesha on the floor and tied scarfs around their mouths.
    Tears began to come out of Genas eyes. Kabal and his 3 friends were then led to the squad car with Gena and Tesha sitting on the floor helpless.
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    keep the story a sail ......another tyte part to this