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    Later Kabal split off from his friends to go see Gena for a little bit.
    He walked over to her doorstep and rang the doorbell. When she came to the door she was happy to see him.
    Kabal!!! Gena said excitingly as she tightly hugged.
    This girl dun got strong, Kabal thought to himself.
    Hey whats up so hows my favorite girl doin? Kabal asked.
    Oh I'm doin fine, she answered.
    Good good, Kabal replied.
    You wanna go for a walk Kabal? she asked.
    Of course, he answered.
    She then got on some black adidas and grabbed her purse and walked out. They then began walking just anywhere when a female hustla named Tarisa approached. Kabal looked startled.
    What you want I got it? Tarisa hustled.
    Kabal was about to say something when Gena did it for him.
    Nah not interested, Gena said.
    She then grabbed Kabals wrist and they began to walk away, when.
    Whoah hold up help a sista out! Tarisa demanded.
    We ain't fin to be hustled we ain't got time fa this! Gena replied.
    They began to walk off when she snapped.
    B**** this ain't an option! Tarisa snapped as she pulled out a gun on them.
    This ain't even necessary, Kabal informed.
    Apparently it is shut up! she replied.
    Gena stood looking at her with a fierce glare.
    What b**** ya know what gimme yo da** purse! Tarisa demanded.
    Gena handed her the purse and Tarisa snatched it.
    Thats the way it should be, Tarisa gloated.
    She turned her back and when she did Gena struck her in her face and she fell and dropped the gun to the side. Kabal quickly grabbed the gun. Gena then began pounding on her face as she got on top of her. Kabal then grabbed Gena to hold her back.
    Its alright she got nothin now, Kabal said still holding on to her.
    Tarisa lay on the ground near uncounscious. Gena then walked over to grab her purse and kicked her in her face before walking off with Kabal.
    Good god i ain't gonna get on her bad side, Kabal thought to himself.

    The two then walked to the dollar general.
    Tell me what you need Gena and I got it, Kabal assured.
    Hmmm, Gena said.
    I'll look around first, Gena said as she walked to the clothes section. Kabal went to go look at the books. Gena then looked to the back and saw a large heavyset girl named Yolanda standing there signalling her to come. Gena confused walked over to her.
    What? Gena asked.
    All of the sudden she grabbed her and threw Gena out the backdoor. She landed with a hard thud.
    What the! Gena cried.
    We gonna see who the b**** now! Tarisa said out of nowhere.
    Gena turned around and was immediately struck by a hard backhand as she fell to the ground. She was about to get back up when Yolanda and some other girl named Taikwasha grabbed her by her arms and held her.
    Rrrrrgghhh!!! Gena roared.
    Tarisa then punched her in her stomach leaving Gena out of breath. She then hit her in her face and the two let go of Gena and she dropped to the ground uncouscious.

    20 minutes later she woke up laying on Kabals bed.
    What happened? she asked herself.
    I don't know I found you laying uncousious in the back, Kabal answered.
    Who did this to you? Kabal asked.
    It was that ho who tried to hustle us and some fat b****! Gena answered.
    Kabal felt stupid for not watching her. He hugged her tight.
    Oh baby I'm so sorry I don't deserve to be with you, Kabal apologized.
    Don't worry Kabal I would never think that it wasn't your fault I can take a beating, Gena assured.
    She then rubbed Kabals hair softly. Kabal did the same to her. Kabal knew if it was a girl who jumped Gena he would've laid his *** out but it wasn't so there was nothing he could do.
    They then pationately kissed.

    Later that night they got their friends and decided to go back to the Paradise Club aka Hoodrat Heaven.
    As they walked in everything was crunk of course. DJ Skee was the guest DJ for tonight and was playing old school beat Dr.Dre's Keep Their Heads Ringin which everybody seemed to dance fine to. The funny thing was George made a call before he left and got Sarah to come with him.
    Oh my god this place is so cool, Sarah saying it as if she was in a new world.
    Tesha rolled her eyes at the comment.
    George lets do dance! Sarah said like a prep.
    Uh ok, George replied as he finished his cookie.
    She then grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the dancefloor. Kabal thought it was rather funny seeing that. When Sarah got on the dancefloor everything stopped and went silent even DJ Skee turned off the music for this. All them ni**as looked at her like she stole something.
    Uh hi everybody! Sarah said.
    No reply.
    What the he**! somebody yelled from the crowd.
    Hey turn on the music lets have fun! she yelled.
    Kabal, James, and Malick were crying as they laughed.
    DJ Skee then turned back on Dr.Dres Keep their Heads ringin. She then began to do a dancing motion with her hips and then started trying to pop. George he thought she did it rather well but the black girls in the crowd were lookin straight evil at her. George then noticed two blackgirls walking over to Sarah about to bust her in her face when he walked up to Sarah and led her to the bar.
    Come lets get somethin ta drink, George said.
    Uh ok, she replied.
    Gena even laughed at her. Gena and Kabal then got on the dancefloor as did Tesha and James. They danced for five minutes to 50 Cents windowshopper. Walking in the entrance Gena noticed Tarisa with Yolanda her muscle.
    Thats the b**** who jumped me! Gena cried.
    Its time ta bust some headz! Tesha declared.
    They both ran across the crowd and got it poppin with Tarisha and Yolanda. Gena tackled Tarisha to a corner and began pulling her hair while Tesha had a tough time with Yolanda. Yolanda was a beast. She then hit Tesha and she fell out. James and Kabal then ran over there to cool that down. Ni**as were running everywhere to see the fight. Kabal got Gena and held her back then James pulled out his gun and pointed it at Yolanda.
    Back yo fata$$ up! James warned.
    Yolanda backed up away, she then helped Tarisa up and walked off somewhere in the club with Tarisa continually giving Gena dirty looks.
    Ho! Gena yelled.
    James then helped Tesha up.
    You aiight girl?James asked.
    Yeah, she answered.
    The huge bouncers then began to walk over to them. Kabal and his crew left the minute they saw them.

    To be continued
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    George always feeding his face and Gena not so quiet after all
    she can go some i see but too bad she had to meet the crew out back
    this joint is hot keep me reading...........................................................
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    da south............ATL
    This was great. I like how they came back on Tarisa dem. That's exactly how it goes in the hood. It's always a pay back. Flow on Harmony.