Black Spirituality Religion : Fwd: 2002 Mami Wata & Arara Vodou Initiations

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    Greetings All:

    The Mami Wata Healing Society of North American Inc., will be
    conducting initiations to the Arara Vodoun, and Mami Wata, for those
    who have already undergone the necessary preparations from last

    Mamaissii Dansi Hounons Arita & Daniel Sosuah, from Togo, West
    Africa, and Mamaissii Vivian Dansi Hounon, of Martinez, GA., will
    also being offering divination and other services in <a
    href=""> the following locations
    and dates </a> ( Listed also
    are points of contact, and our mailing address.

    We are looking forward to this important Ancestral and Spiritual
    event, and hope to meet some of you!

    Thank you for your support in restoring these powerful ancestral
    lineages of the Diaspora,

    Peace and Blessings,

    Mamaissii Daniel, Arita & Vivian Dansi Hounons