Black Sports : Funniest Sports story of the year: Six-Heads quits for toilet run!


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Aug 24, 2002
The Diaspora
Maybe the funniest sports story of all times:

"I just wanted to get out and go to the toilet," said former WBA welterweight champion Andrew "Six-Heads" Lewis after suddenly quiting midway through a bout he was winning on Saturday at the National Park in Georgetown, Guyana. Lewis was ahead on all three judges’ cards when he shockingly surrendered 37 seconds into round seven against Denny Dalton. Lewis later revealed to Stabroek Sport, "I preferred to lose the fight than mess up myself in front of all those people. Everyone saw that I was beating the hell out of Dalton. I was trying to hold in this stuff but in the seventh round I couldn't no more so I decided to quit." Lewis attributed his troubles to a milkshake he drank that afternoon. The Guyana Boxing Board of Control has withheld Lewis' purse pending an investigation. He is facing a possible fine or suspension


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