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    Never mind your ghetto credentials
    or suburban essentials/
    Life ain't never what it seems;
    I used to be a fool in the game called cool,
    but got my eyes open on the road to
    dont ask us/
    You know-
    but look-a- look-a- look-a hey!
    This ain't no Sunday morning
    hall-e-lu-Jah rumble;
    shoot, the devils believe and tremble!
    So whatyougonnado?
    If you a gold digger come be a soul figure-
    change your game, change your name,
    be a new creature from the inside out
    walk by faith, not by sight-
    and have no diggity no doubt.

    JAHOVAH send I fe call ya-
    even if there's blood on your feet-
    Messiah offers up for you a sacrifice sweet,
    rise up from the below and overcome
    the beneath/ My brother, my sister-
    do not be led astray-
    Step right up to this, there ain't no fare.


    No amount of pistols packed
    and or crystal popped ain't ever gonna save ya.
    I give you Golgotha.
    How in the hell you gonna repent
    if your mind's still on ferment?
    You scaid to step in line,
    busy thinking 'bout ******* who be fronting-
    but you know as well as I do,
    that given half a chance
    they would pop a cap in your screw/
    piss on the memory of you,
    smoke blunts at your funeral too-
    So whatyougonnado?

    If your eyes are open but you ain't living
    then you just doing time;
    thrash every thought you thought
    you heard them say;
    Indeed, now is the time and today is that
    one of a kind- kind of day-
    I'm-a knock, knock, knocking
    from within your brain-
    bypassed all doors to show you
    that to live is to have power to refrain--
    I'm rising deeper than your skin.
    Hell nah nigro It ain't all the same!
    You better know the difference between
    the real and the game;
    If the saved be the lost
    who in the fukk's counting the cost?

    Some be busy mistaking a six for a nine...

    How is it gonna profit for you to lose your soul
    if you done buried it in some woman's hole,
    or some gunny sack full-a illgotten gold?
    You'd be butt naked judgement day
    and be out in the cold!

    If you gots blood on your feet
    ****** I just dropped your meat,
    know for sure I just dropped your meat-
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    truely brutha

    all yo high emotions is felt