Black Relationships : Funerals, The New Black Family Reunions...


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May 26, 2019
Attending Black Funerals,:missu: as much as we hate to admit it, attending a funeral is where you run into ole friends that you lost contact with:wave: or family members you don't see for one reason or another. Funny how a funeral brings them all back:grouphug2: together but rarely does it spark a live gathering any time soon thereafter. I myself have attended a funeral and saw:handshake: folks, friends and relatives, etc., that I haven't seen in years, etc. Who here agrees with me...:what:
Went to a funeral the other day and really saw folks, friends & relatives that I haven't seen in years! Many of this didn't live far from me, etc. Yet we never communicated, etc. Saw some cousins too! Everybody agrees that we really ned da get together soon, etc. I've heard that so many times, etc. I guess folks just don't visit these days, etc. Looks I get to meet family at a funeral. That's why I have said that funerals are the new family reunions! Whuchu think??


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