Black Education / Schools : Fund Raising Drive To Save Historically Black College

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    Fund Raising Drive To Save Historically Black College

    South Memphis - A new effort is underway to save a historically Black College in Memphis. LeMoyne-Owen has just over a month to raise one million dollars to keep it's accreditation and keep it's doors open. Today the Memphis Black Community Association said it would be asking graduates and members of the community, especially the black community, to help save the school.

    "My plan would be to talk to the preachers, business owners and others in the community and say your churches your business and ask them to contribute," said Rev. Jennings Bernard, president of The Memphis Black Community Association.

    The Memphis Black Community Association says it will need a lot of contributions to keep the 143-year old school going. LeMoyne-Owen needs to raise one million dollars by the end of June to meet operating expenses. If that doesn't happen the school will lose it's accreditation and with it federal dollars.

    "So if you look at 95 percent of our students who receive financial aid.. that aid would not be awarded to those students to attend school," said Roger Brown, Director of Special events at the college.

    The Memphis Black Community Association is asking families, particularly black families in Memphis, to donate as little as two dollars to the cause. The group is also asking those who have benefited from an education at the college to lead this fundraising campaign.

    "We'll go to the mayor the judges, the politicians, the state representatives, whoever had something to do with LeMoyne-Owen and something to do with your success in life, and ask them to step up to the plate," said Bernard.

    LeMoyne-Owen recently received a 500-thousand dollar donation from the United Church of Christ, but that money can only be used for scholarships. The college says so far the faith based community has raised about 150-thousand dollars for the school.

    That's something. United Church of Christ gave but holding back when condition are RIGHT. Mmmmmmmm.:?:
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    Brother DustyElbow ... you are a Brother, right? No disrespect intended, i'm just not sure.

    I started this thread, Are HBCUs Black Owned, because i didn't know the answer to that question, and often wondered why they seem to be in the media moreso than other colleges / universities talking about their struggle to survive.

    In that thread, it was suggested that they are not Black owned, most are not even Black founded. As a matter of fact, i didn't get a clear picture of who owns them. I believe someone said nobody owns them?!

    Which brings me back to your specific discussion ... why is the Black community made to look as though we don't take care of our own (which could easily be argued) ... when it really isn't ours?

    If HBCUs are "owned" by the same entities that own other colleges and universities ... why is it that only the "Black" ones get this kind of media coverage or have these type of public situations to deal with? If those "owning entities" can take care of the white schools, why can't they take care of the Black ones?

    Can you help me understand this better? I'm lost. Thanks.