Black Poetry : Fun today flirt And one may work With love talk alert try get under her skirt Must slow down with the twerk Stuff expressed by her complex breast Sh


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May 11, 2006
Fun today flirt
And one may work
With love talk alert
try get under her skirt
Must slow down
with the twerk
Stuff expressed
by her complex breast
She smiled at a plumber
And from a wild hummer
She dialed a number
“Yeah her stat story wise
And for real categorize
By event
Boys try frequent
To get some but she duck
So its dumb not to be up
On the latest thing king Tut
Even know this is vicious
Boys wanna wreck her pie
Toys are gonna specify
Their purpose
Aware of the circus
In the HIP HOP game
Suspicious females
Tells fictitious tales
She’s black Soul Sister
With facts and a kisser
And red lipstick
That’s equip quick
To be kissed
Her dress is down
this boy wanna mess around
And test her pound
Cake, breast sucked
And now he wanna mess up
The bed,ready set hut
HE SAID: I’m a winner with a brain
Stay ready to entertain
Try flow well
And like a hotel
Amuse guests
And use the best
Words to do so
Verbs a true flow
Of action howdy ho
It can get rowdy doe
So girl your lips glow red
Girl my scripts big and wet
And like the tips of cigarette
SHE SAID: my lips are hot
When in the car a lot
With boys they try get some
A kiss could cast a deep
Reflection and I will need street
Protection that can proceed to leap
Under my dress and guard that
Because coochee is what these boys needing
And most enjoys reading
About that look it storm everyday
When love is a form of play
Pie exact fun
Try attract someone
With good intentions
And hood dimensions
Need romantic advances
But they panic when chances
Arrive and really this enhances
The affair you hot guy licking
Some popeye chicken
Can’t find a sandwich
This do nickel and dime damage
To your taste buds
Having the luck of a cutie
Because boys struck by my beauty”
Oh her pan ties are so hot and silk
She got candies can’t stop the milk
Her breasts filled
And she jest spilled
A little organic milk
Lactose free
And most be
Sweet her coochee a pink cookie
Go for a real dude never think rookie
She survived the hug
But he wants to arrive at the club
With a black honey on his arm
Start to feel funny she’s alarm
She tower tonight
With the power of sight
Take a shower right
in his bathtub
and stroll down the path of love
humble with her lip
to stumble mean to trip
her flirt is hot
and like in a work shop
boy sweat a lot and stop
dead in their track can't mop
up love very hot in the club
SHE SAID “I' m a Black Soul Sister
in VIRGINIA BEACH need a bold mister
to reach her panties and pull them down
her pride talk on sidewalks run around
town in a Benz and men look and hound
a female with true chemistry
like a retail shoe industry
it's about to be a big boom
so she have to keep her wig tuned
and boys really dig her perfume
her wisdom reaching
like a system of teaching
it educate by bleaching
the sands of VIRGINIA never leeching
LOOK BOO he on the edge of a cliff
as he begs for a gift
girl you all wet and soft
catch him don't let him fall off
boo he could hurt his tongue
but he will still be alert for some
girl let him lick the sweat
off your thighs before he get
to the soft pies, “NAW PLAYER
her lips shook and red
so she have to look ahead
but his mind hooked on the bed
and the mattress
is at her address
it's a postapeutics
and boys can't allude it
this boy want to soar at
her doormat
she take a long walk
and hear strong talk
from boys of the town
they wanna toy around
and lift her skirt and be down
with sex she have to say nope
jest to stay dope, they jest hope
the fact is her breasts are hot
and like DAK PRESCOT
this could be Campbell Soup
never gamble when he shoot hoop
in VIRINIA BEACH get deals galore
while the seals come ashore
to breed, one time
it was fun online
life rearranges
into nice changes
and renew her love
not the bar she prefer club
it's swell seeing
the well being
of HIP HOP because sex
is a wild treasure
and boys smile with pleasure
oh her panties are so hot
down there she have to duck a lot


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May 11, 2006
This boy was captain of a ship
and was rapping script
when sudden hit by a squall
which is a violent gust of wind
one girl onboard didn't trust men
Old Spice deodorant under arm
anchored on an island
and was definitely wilding
and the natives were creative
as they wore slippers relative
to their customs, it's a house
shoe, feel a shifting gale bless
by lifting this female's dress
go from one place to the other
because she have lace and butter
he's random dope
ready to abandon hope
of being a doctor
and now seeing proper


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May 11, 2006
and now seeing proper
HE SAID : look boo this
this chocolate
is like a brisk rocket
desire your skirt be up
for these awesome fireworks
in silk she prevails
and like milk sales
boys come to drink
and some think
they gonna get some
Oh he wanted a cake date
after seeing her yellow thighs
she's KOREAN with mellow pies
oh KOREAN GIRLs go through a lot
in VIRGINIA BEACH need a true plot
lyrics galore
spirits soar
really to clear to ignore
you said crap
and my head got zapped
think I better spread a map
you brag about a girl
and your dew rag unfurl
no need to drag the world
into this
my menu is crisp
which is a list of dishes
available but kisses
is not one boys only wishes
at home convinced a cutie
has a strong sense of duty
a girl's strength is her booty
now this is Black HIP HOP
in VIRGINIA BEACH flip flops
on my feet” oh her panties
are really hot, she flow script
but fail to go on a trip
for fear of snakes
boys want sincere cakes
have all types of affairs
and like them bears
a keen sense of smell
queen convince any infidel
like hills around a city
my skills are nouns that's witty
my Ebonics funk
is like an economic slump
pay for real
to stay in this ordeal
haters can't pray or feel


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May 11, 2006
haters can't pray or feel
so hey don't squeal
oh KOREAN GIRLS go through
a lot have to duck our head
or get stuck in bed”
her heart is strong
and she use part of a song
to control her emotions
or there be bold oceans
appear in her panties boys
really have some dope toys
that cope and destroys a girl's
HE SAID: OK boo my plan is original
and like a hand signal
it direct traffic on streets
I could have a boss night
girl your panties soft and light
the air is stuffy
but this affair fluffy
like white clouds
and tonight I'm proud
to be with you boo
girl your body every spot
is very hot
wanna carry you in my drop top
because your coo-chee is fertile
and it's a juicy hurdle
with facts complete
like a track meet
it's all loco
like I be flow jo
have fun in an affair
but can't run with the hare
and hunt with the hounds
so I can't front around town
Remember I was wit a boy
panties wet like this annoy
me to know he can kiss my
lips while I twist my hips I try
to avoid this pretty boy floyd
her styles are flirts
not piles of dirt
bring smiles even to jerks
one boy went wild over my skirt
and wanted some after she twerk


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May 11, 2006
Crave for a flow
And behave as though
he’s trying to attract a girl
And so he let facts hurl
in to their eardrum
So they have to hear some
Of what he’s saying
He’s hoping luck
Can open and shut
The doors to the bedroom
No girl his head is doomed
On your thighs he’s licking lotion
With a quick flicking motion
Not wimp he flow quote
But do attempt to provoke
Chicks in a playful way and hope
To get some, can’t trust the scorn
Like husks of corn eaten and torn
To pieces, never a lame jerk
This is delicate framework
Of an iron lion from Mt Zion twerk
Is the way to go, roses and maps
Encloses his raps,
in the river hooked a fish
shook and shiver wish
to look in a girl’s eyes
and hurl her pies
On the bed while vibes
On the CD so them tribes
Come after this beehives
bring honey
And bling cost money
This love thing boss and funny
He’s above the rim with a brain
Now see a chick with a slim frame
He can’t stoop play them games
HE SAID: “look boo there underlies
Some thunder in your pie
Which is a support system
Sex is sports and wisdom
Not a perfect situation
Always room for interpretation
he wanna give her lips the touch
they crave she's equip with much
these days so no one need to search
she got it all right here
so boo tonight lets go out dear?
NAW PLAYER” you may try and
get some,
love increase at an alarming rate
while I'm in the club charming cake
like foot-ball keep stiff arming fakes
the stuff you post is witty
and goes with the growth of the city
craving for an affair
is like unshaven hair
it keeps growing
sweet on the streets while flowing
clearly wild
for nearly a mile
REMEMBER was wit one boy
and he git to toy
with my brain
sex and wind
extend like a gravel road
to travel with loads
if kisses to win
reminisces and begin
an affair

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