Black People Politics : Full of Billonaires China/Russia not fearful of nuke war, just telling the US why provoke it!!!!

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    Just cause China and Russia are part of the G20 have plenty billionaires and millionaires, doesn't mean that they are no longer Communist and one of the main points of Communism is not to turn a blind eye on Imperialism.

    The UN for better or for worse, main focus was to prevent mutually assured destruction and a cold war and to some how allow former colonies a voice, in world affairs!

    Putin has stated that if the United States has evidence then the mandated and internationally agreed procedure is to present the evidence before the Security Council of the UN.

    So far that has not been done

    So far Ban Ki Moon says there is no doggone pretext for no military action by any nation, outside of Syria to mess with Syria

    Russia and perhaps China will simply press the button of there is a war knowing that Iran, a major source of oil for both nations; will attack Isreal!

    Billionaires dont give a hoot of Moscow or NYC or DC or Beijing is wiped out! They have cities built underground that have been there for over 59 years!