Black Poetry : Fulfilling Bishops request


Feb 21, 2001
~ just in that kind of mood ~

Heart’s racing

Nipples ripe and plump,

Ready for the licking

Foxy is hungry for the tongue that is equipped for some hellafied flicking

There is this heated sensation,

This throbbing

Deep down below

Thirsty for the touch of his fingers,

My love juices rapidly flow

Allow me to place your keyboard aside,

And let me become your Personal Computer

**Sitting on your desk**

I’m spreading my legs,

And moving my thongs aside

I’m licking my nipples

I’m plunging my fingers “deep deep deep inside”

May I kiss you on your neck?

May I switch your gears?

Lifeline in hand,

Will you trust me enough to let me steer?

I am slowly stroking your manhood

Licking your lips in between each kiss

Slipping under your desk,

Pulling your chair to me….

Feel the warmth of my mouth

As I take in all of you

How does the fullness of lips feel as I am….

Sucking the head,

Licking around its base

How does it feel when lips touch your pelvis,

Slowly rising back up,

My head traces that horizontal figure eight

Your breath has become short,

Legs twitching uncontrollably

Ahhh, you cum….and I thank you for the best office visit that there can be
The One and Only Fox has Returned with a BANG!!!

Walking back to your office thinking about what you have done
Smiling at the way my body jerked when you made me cum
You sat in your chair and moved closer to your desk
That’s when I sent your heart into cardiac arrest
Didn’t know
I was down below
Up went the skirt, thong pushed to the side
Legs wide open I throw a halls menthol drop inside
Then my tongue begins to lick and flick
And your body begins to twitch
Mentholyptus action
Brings about and unexpected reaction
Your boss walks in
As you sit there with a grin
Trying to keep your cool
Don’t need him to find us breaking the rules
In swirling motion the tongue flies
As it probes deeper inside
Licking the walls
And sucking the ****
You still smile at your boss
But in your mind all you can think is oh ****
Loves juices flowing
Tears in your eyes start showing
You boss says why do you cry
You tell him your cat just died
He leaves you alone walks out the door
That’s when you grab me from under the desk and throw me to the floor
Off comes the clothes, you mount up for a ride
As we get to rolling on a furious stride
Intercom buzzes and phone rings
Yet we keep on doing our thing
Reached the point of no return
Cum so hot it burns
Clothes back on, we get back to our workday
Who says this job isn’t worth the pay?

:blob fire:


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