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Discussion in 'Black Poetry - Get Your Flow On!' started by OmoObatala, Oct 9, 2002.

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    Deep dark secrets keep me from exposing how
    Truly feel in this place of frustration
    My illusions of self stayed wrapped in her skirt
    Cause she got the women I wanted
    And my words stay bound in the floppy disk
    Cause she got her hand in her
    I am so frustrated with all if this
    If I could turn back the hands of time
    I would make god tell that women to leave
    Me in the spirit world
    Would have caused women to no-longer starve had
    I not been born
    They fought the day
    Was conceived
    Cried tears through tear ducts that weren’t even there yet
    Levels of sadness
    Don’t think anyone can come close to understanding
    Do you know what it feels like to live?
    Somewhere for nine months
    And not ever feel wanted
    And you can’t do anything about it
    Born breech cause I wanted to show her
    How she hurt me
    How she cause me pain
    Pain that caused
    Me to go deep into self
    And create layers of
    I just want to come back
    Come back to simple
    Things like
    Kool Aid with too much
    And Mayonnaise sandwiches
    I want to come back black
    To walking around and, and, and, and, seeing old men
    Pull the top of there hats
    To say hello
    To when family
    Meant family
    My frustration goes beyond
    My head call it goes beyond
    My walk of my hip talk
    It goes deep,
    Great auntie being dragged out of her house
    To the shore to make a journey she didn't book
    It goes deep, deep beyond the melodies played
    At weddings and the ceremonial rattle that is played at
    My life is a pain of sufferings,
    The misery of my own company
    I got skeletons for you demons
    I am pissed at the world because
    I want to hold my ground stand here be women of color
    Educated to the level they want me to be
    I am pissed because
    I have a job and yet
    I am poverty-stricken.
    I was born on this path
    I choose this path.
    I am confused by my frustrations
    My deep, deep, deep, depression caused
    UN relevant rants and raves in my self-examination
    From here to over there
    And she cause me some tears
    And I lost my soul behind her
    And she cause me to die inside
    And I watched her laugh at me inside and out
    She laughed when
    I shed a single tear
    My heart ways heavy
    I want to go away from here
    I am frustrated at the world
    The way we slave to the system of things
    Soon they scream PEACE and SECURITY
    At the top of their lungs
    Can’t you hear the faint sound of chaos?
    The ways we concede to lies and despair.
    I am frustrated at the world
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    now dis was truely deeper then one may knoweth of
    and to live nine months of darkness wit no touch of love
    or words said i care
    frustrated at da world of light !
    u went deep.