Black Poetry : FRUITION

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    Last night you made my daydreams come to fruition
    By addressing one of the basest imperatives of the human condition
    By granting my insert access to your feminine receptacle
    And enjoy the pleasures of an experience, impeccable
    Pushing past an entrance of labial tightness going in to my limits
    To take my place in your uterine abode with no counterfeit-intentions, or gimmicks
    To rub against a knotty nerve center and a clitoral switch
    Known as your G-spot and clitoris, and did so without a hitch
    In the truest sense and definition of the F-word we were one and the same
    Coupled in a coital engagement, we ****** each other with no semblance shame
    And did so until satisfied … we both came
    As we stoked the desire that burned hot like a flame
    You made me feel welcomed in your posh cuntal enclosure
    That was set and sedative - accommodating was your warm frontal exposure
    With a complementary asylum made for one of an X-Y chromosome
    The hospitality of your ***** made my dick feel right at home

    Last night, you made my wildest fantasies come to fruition
    By accommodating me in a myriad of variable positions
    Not caught up in a paradox of ambiguity or dilemmas
    But caught up in manipulating your legs like rabbit ear antennas
    Opened wide, like your mouth for an open mouth kiss
    Your legs opened up to me as I took part in copulatory bliss
    As I worked your miss with my mister, putting away your doubts of risk
    At times churning your vulvar regions … other times stirring it like an egg with a whisk
    There were moments where I held back like that waters behind a levy
    And other times when I pushed into your ***** when the action got hot and heavy
    Whispering in your ear “give me that ***** baby”, feeling the tightening of your calves
    And you responded, giving me all that you had and a little extra you didn’t have
    Clutching a maximal part of your gluteus-maximus as I pumped like a piston
    ******* you like yours was the last ***** on the planet – with a mission
    Doing so until I heard a change in your tone and felt your body quiver
    I ‘nutted intensely as you did so immensely, we both stood to deliver

    Last night, you made my fore and after thoughts come to fruition
    By anticipating my desire for you as read by your intuition
    As if you had pre-cognition and read the pages of my mind
    You were what I needed you to be as I loved you from the front and behind
    It’s almost as if there was a certain place in thought that you found me
    As I moved into you and your legs wrapped around me
    We danced a naked tango as our hips fueld a sexual voration
    Until we excited our ‘his’ and ‘hers’ to an orgasmic pulsation
    And as you turned, showing me your behind to further meet my need
    You spread those beautiful *** cheeks exposing your slit mango seed
    As I inserted the object of my virility in to the object of your fertility
    Coupling, stirring up a motion that would realize another orgasmic possibility
    As you granted me the privilege of ******* you *** up and face down
    I saw on your face an ecstatic grimace and a euphoric frown
    As your ***** said thank you by watering our points of contact
    Throbbing and wetting us both, consummating or salacious compact

    Last night, you made my aspirations come to fruition
    As time and again our love making was in a state of transition
    As we moved from one activity to another, keeping the action from going stale
    And repeatedly bringing you to a state of orgasm … without fail
    There were times when I kissed the lips that lied below your navel
    Having a cunnilingual conversation with a ***** that was willing and able
    Availing myself of a glandular buffet to lick, sample and taste
    And I sensed your approval by the fact that you were grinding on my face
    I moved up your body as your moans said “Be my guest”
    Along the way, planting kisses from your belly button to your chest
    Stopping along the way to take suck on the nipples of your breast
    And when I got to eye level, I put my ‘promise’ into your feminine best
    We slid in and on each other just like a lock and key
    As we moved in and into one another – me into you and you in to me
    Excited with every thrust … we mated like mad
    Delighted with a must as you ****** me back with everything you had

    Last night, you made my longings come to fruition
    As you allowed me to release pent up tension and unspent ammunition
    As you released your liquid libination during our rodeo-like ‘ride-though’
    And I released my latent love lotion inside you
    I exorcised the yearning of my loins on the altar of your genatalia
    The temple that is your body was host to a manner of coital regalia
    As we worshipped together on the bed of our conjugation
    I, the priest of passion … you the priestess of ecstatic elation
    The objective of such revelation was the orgasmic dispensation our motions incited
    Realized to satisfaction, our efforts were more than adequately requited
    Realizing the quenching of urges for which lovers yearn
    With intercourse as the investment, and orgasm as the return
    We engaged, on and off, in such actions as the night progressed
    With intermissions of conversation and secrets confessed
    Ours was a communication and comradery that cemented every time we interacted
    Sensually, sexually, conversationally, casually, our total being were not distracted

    Last night, you made a coveted experience come to fruition
    As we got together, our bodies played a tune like a skilled musician
    With our moans and groans … our gasps and grunts
    In an act of coital conjugation and our bodies joined at the fronts
    By then, this transcended the matter of me F’ing you and you F’ing me
    We had something to say to each other and we just couldn’t let it F’ing be
    Way beyond working out urges in an F’ing spree
    Face to face, we seemed to communicate via mental telepathy
    Every grunt you made translated to “I’ve been waiting for this”
    Every moan you made said to me “This is utter bliss”
    The whimpering undertones you made said “I’m about to loose control”
    The groans you made said “You’re ******* my body and touching my soul”
    The smacks out bodies made were the exclamation points to a sexual statement
    That screamed in a language unbounded by speech that spoke of emancipatement -
    Of free spirits moving in a swirling orgasmic storm
    Bound to earth in the shape of two living, naked forms

    Last night, you made my naughty inclinations come to fruition
    By living out an active part of my imagination, and granting me permission
    To engage you in a safe space, in a safe place, a sanctuary just for two
    In a session of sex and conversation, in a private rendezvous
    In between our bouts of coital animation I’d reveal private parts of myself
    And you’d tell me things that you hadn’t told anyone else
    Parts of our lives we shared with each other, things that haven’t seen the light of day
    Things we guard and cherish, and would die rather than to betray
    I’d share secrets with you that were ominous, or my have been little known
    You’d share with me deep soul stirring secrets that were for my ears alone
    Secrets, that at their mere mentioning caused tears to run down your face
    And I put your head to my chest and held your body in an impassioned embrace
    This telling of ourselves brought about a closeness, and a kiss
    As I wiped the tears from your eyes, our carnal sides resurfaced to persist -
    To stoke the flames of passion from which we took a break
    And we engaged again in intercourse and of each other, partake

    Last night, you made a wish come to fruition
    By deciding to succumb to a hidden premonition
    Hidden in the sense that these are the naughtiest things in my mind
    And in instances of near telepathy, you responded in kind
    The way your body changed its placement and position
    It was as if you were operating in a state of pre-cognition
    Sensing a change you moved accordingly, and met my needs – one by one
    Before I could think or even articulate … it was already done
    You were to me, like clay in the hands of the potter on the potters wheel
    You let me have my way with you – your flesh you let me feel
    You gave me access to parts of you that I only imagined were real
    And to top it off, you gave me a splash in the form of a wet orgasmic seal
    I had you salivating our of one mouth and squirting out of the otha’
    You were my pain and pleasure and brought needed gratification to a brotha’
    You were the flame to my candle and the dance to my lap
    And we did it until the only thing we could do was take a nap

    Written by: K-JiO
    © 2008
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    Now dat's sensually red hot .....da fire burning high !
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    RICH, you're good for anyones ego :cool: Thanx 4 the read :)
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    Uh...bruh... What is you tryin to DO to a sistah, hUh??

    I haven't even finished reading....I read about 1/2....and now Im real bothered. mmmmMMmmm Mr. Garlic....Lawry's right? It's been a pleasure to make your acqaintance here.....I will be back to read the rest....

    A broad can only handle but so much, at ONE time!!!

    did he say rabbit ear antenna's? And sumthin' about a split mango seed?whew!
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    all of that lead to a nap

    how could you sleep after that i'd be too wired lol

    another hot one GS99
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    you got me thinking about bringing some things into fruition myself...:D
    i might have to put a hurting on somebody thanks to you...
    hot write :blob fire::blob fire::blob fire: