Black Poetry : Front Men

in the Spirit of Sankofa!


Just adding My 2cents


  • You and I have volunteered
  • To blindly be led by who
  • The man in charge the elected man
  • That looks like me and u
  • Step lively the band
  • We like the sound
  • Of our boots put down
  • Stomp...

  • Your ground is where your stand
  • The ground is where u live
  • It's your neighborhood
  • You defend to help
  • Let it be known
  • Things can be good
Have u seen or noticed the relations
We are getting now on the site?

South Africa
Zulu Nation
Caribbean is coming in

I checked the land there sells for a dollar and a half a foot
About a dollar if you open a store
I got five on it so I know I'll have a five by five square
Of a lovely shore
When I visit I will stand in my square
Chatting with my brothers there

I welcome what I see
It is pleasing to see the world change
Our president Elect has made changes
It happens by mentioning his name

The effect is taken all over the world
Japan.. loves him in " OBAMA " town

We gonna trade
Visit again and again
Places all over the world
See our scattered Kin!

Mardi Gras every day in the Caribbean!wow

  • Here are the orders:

  • You are part of the relations
  • You are the Family
  • You are part of the Tribe
  • Yes u are one of the people in the CLAN.

  • [*]Don’t spell it with a K
    [*]That is his way
    [*]To name a tribe
    [*]Never had!:?:

Just Adding My 2cents.

I have been talking with some brothers and we are working on a project tell me what u think. Sorry I can't find a U-tube to go along with it but we are working on it. goes..

Silver Cycles..... Greetings...I am a fan of Eddie Harris.... one track in perticular...Silver Cycles. As it has been 30yrs and it just so happens that the President elect started his bid for the white house in 2006. And with Silver having a special meaning with the 30yr thing. I would like to suggest that this track become the clarion call for our people and all that supported the President Elect. For as you can hear it sums up the whole campaign from the beginning to the end....please note I also informed the Eddie Harris camp. I believe that this track would be a good sound for the month of Jan. 2009. Please give this some consideration.

Lilpea :1on1:

Ps. I have informed both camps.


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