Black Poetry : From Titus to St Peter: I want you to die

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    FROM TITUS TO PETER: I want you to die
    By Andre Austin


    This is the freedom you never got
    Your life was lost when my soldiers casted lots
    Did you not deny my Legions peace three times or not
    Did u not drink from cadaver’s blood clots (War of Jews Book 5 chap10)
    Guilty: Sedition against Rome were your conspiracy plots

    This is why you were called Satan
    And why we ended your lifespan
    How can you look me in the eye
    When you killed your own people for crumbs of rye
    You’re a traitor wearing the deepest Tyrian dye
    We are going to save John to write, so say your last goodbye

    You came up from underground Rock with that Purple cloak (WOJ Book 7)
    You had three chances of peace to Titus/Jesus and now you will croak (Matthew 26:35)
    When your people starved, they hid food and U cut their throats (WOJ Book 5 chap 10)
    From these crimes and more the Gospel satire was soaked

    This is how we got the NT in yuck, yuck ink
    It’s a black comedy skit for the slaves who were ignorant and dinky

    From your almost Escape you got your nickname (Matthew 16:17-20/WOJ Book 7)
    Rocky went away softy when frog walked to Rome in shame (John 21:17-25)
    Tease a little bit @ the Colosseum Triumph Games
    The consequences for being wild and untamed

    Take heed Peter -never while we have breath
    Villain, now you shall meet your death!
    Do or die beneath a hail and cavern of stones (WOJ Book 7)
    March U like a mule to Rome and to the dogs we feed your bones
    When u break a Divine Roman rule
    You will carry a cross like a yoked mule
    Under the Rock you were captured
    On top of a Rock Mountain Peter was thrown down his body got fractured
    Now you’re just a Bronze-Penis that sculptured
    Then Titus sent you to glory up in clouds to rapture
    Don’t believe me, go visit the Vatican Library
    Bogus scrolls, its about Caesar, not Jesus and Mary
    Don’t blame the messenger, you were warn and told
    Don’t be hoodwinked by the best story ever sold
    Excuse me please if I was a little bit too bold
    But I think you should know the truth before your body catch the mold
    Peter’s dead carcass taken to the Flavian Colosseum
    His castrated phallus is in the Vatican Museum
    The gladiators were thirsty for blood so they Stick-em
    Those that know the truth end up in a vaulted Mausoleum
    This is the destiny of the Coock/Rock
    As Pliny-the elder wrote in Natural History to me:
    “In case of fighting cooks this superiority comes from challenging one another…
    Cocks hold very great power over the government of the world
    Thanks to their entrails and innards, as acceptable to the gods
    As the most costly victims”.
    Now I know why Peter was given the Bronze bust with the rooster and the a penis beak
    Stating he was “Savor of the world”. True talk, top that and match