Black Poetry : from the simplest things...the best begin


Aug 13, 2001
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From the simplest things...the best begin...

By t-mas! (dedicated to tralove)


Like a cool summer breeze, he enters and exits my thoughts...he occupies my mind with his spirit...his gentle smile warms me...and my body yearns to learn of him.

Though I know he is not here, I can feel him - a breath away... who is this stranger that has slipped cordially into my life, and, why me?

This wonderful stranger shares the most inner parts of my soul... quickens my heartbeat and makes me wonder in desire...It is his messages and kind words that causes my mind and body to soar and become drunk with the passion of his dreams...


It has only been a hundred thousand keystrokes into our friendship and she has managed to make a lasting impression on me. There is something about the way she talks...the way she expresses herself - willingly...that makes me long to meet her face to face. However, I know there are some emotions and issues she needs to sort through before she can see ME clearly.

In the short time we have known each other, life has been more fulfilling...since she has mesmerized me with her warmth and compassion. It scares me to think this affair may be in vain, but I'll continue to cherish each and every moment of this journey through the seasons of love. Lord knows, I want more than anything in this world for her to be happy...and...judging by the warmth of her smile; she is well on her way.

I want her to know I find it commendable...despite all of the pain and misery he put her through – she still envisions a tomorrow filled with love and happiness. She envisions a better tomorrow, because her heart is open to accept God’s blessings today. Even though she is hesitant to open her arms and heart to me, I do understand.

I want her to know she has found a friend that will remain sensitive to her wants and needs. She wants for me to be the man he couldn’t be, and needs for me to be true to her eternally. I cannot promise her that I am the best for her, but I can promise that she will always receive the best of me…

She questions why we’ve been blessed with each other’s love and friendship, so I seek to help her to understand...


Happily, I wait to hear from him again, my head is filled with thoughts of him and wanting to feel his presence by day's end.
I don't want this sensation to go away, this is what my heart and mind longed for.

2 kindred spirits in search of peace - only they 2 can share.
2 kindred spirits that know what the other is feeling...can share and go places - mentally and spiritually...and... never interrupted by the day's cares.

2 souls...similar in virtue...but one in spirit.

t-mas!...can you feel me???


I can feel her at my side, though there is a lot of distance lying between us.

Even when know words are spoken I can hear her.

It’s funny how things change at a moments notice.

Hours ago, we were 2 lonely hearts drowning in our own insecurities. Now, by the grace if God, we are 2 romantic hearts nurturing our souls with sweet sentiments and sincere gestures of love and affection.

“Our hearts” is the candle, and love is the flame that burns eternally in the name of our friendship. I am happy about how our friendship came to be...and because it was never contemplated; it feels like destiny.

Every thing in our friendship is innocent and pure, and that is characteristic of friendships that endure.

And because we know time is precious, we take full advantage of the time we spend – since neither of us truly knows when we’ll be able to do this again…


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