Black Spirituality Religion : From the Book Of Imhotep III

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    The conversation between Tehuti and Imhotep: (just a sample of the books of our ancestors)

    Tehuti: Mankind is ever mindful of its own parentage and the source from whence it sprung, and steadfastly persist in following the Creators example; and consequently just as the Creator made the gods of heaven eternal, that they might resemble him who made them, even so do men also fashion their gods in the likeness of their own aspect.

    Imhotep: Do you mean statues?

    Tehuti: Yes, Imhotep, I mean statues, but statues living and conscious, filled with the breath of life, and doing many mighty works; statues that have foreknowledge, and predict future events by the drawing of lots, and by prophetic inspiration, and by dreams, and in many other ways; statues which inflict disease and heal them, dispensing sorrow and joy according to men's deserts.

    Do you know, Imhotep, that Kemet is an image of heaven, or, to speak more exactly, in Kemet all the operations of the powers which rule and work in heaven have been transferred to earth below?

    Kemet will be forsaken, and the land which was once the home of religion will be left desolate, bereft of the presence of its deities. This land will be filled with foreigners or by some such race from the barbarian countries thereabout. To thee I fortell that which shall be. The dead will far outnumber the living; and the survivors will be known as Kemites by their tongue alone, but in their actions they will seem to be men of another race.

    Oh Kemet, Kemet, of thy religion nothing will remain but an empty tale, which thine own children in time to come will not believe; nothing will be left but graven words, and only the stones will tell of thy piety.
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    confirmation that the Ancients knew we would go into a time of forgetfulness. Now that most are beginning to know and understand <<<Will We Forget Again>>>

    In enjoyed reading this excerpt, thx for sharing!