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    From the Amazing Technology of Today …
    Technology leads to all types of wonders on land, air, and sea. Various kinds of engines have been invented that have caused mankind to be able to launch rockets, satellites, and etc. Space probes and all kinds of missiles, guided missiles, have been launched from certain points on the earth for certain reasons such as for research or for use in military defensive and offensive operations. After thousands of years of mankind being able to construct all types of ships that have crossed seas and oceans, we now live in a time where submarines were made to go down deep underwater and at times travel undetected. Mankind studied the behaviors of creatures in the earth and sea and applied certain concepts to be able to make all kinds of technological advancements in our modern times and one of the most incredible inventions made too, are spacecrafts that can go into space and study moving planets and so many other kinds of stars in our universe and beyond. In essence and in some respects, mankind have taken what was once deemed in the distant past as being ‘Star Worshiping’ to a whole other level of ‘Star Observation’. In ancient times many strange and unexplained phenomena was once deemed as being ‘magic’ but could have actually been defined as ‘mystery science’ or just ‘scientific concepts that many people could not understand at that time’ for certain reasons. Hindsight now proves too though, that ancient people of whom believed in White Supremacy mysteriously came to know about certain unexplained occurrences and kept it a secret and released bits and pieces of information to only a few privileged and these actions were done to gain unworthy statuses of praise in order to become regarded as idols and in order to gain access to be able to totally crush and suppress the ancient Black Kemetic [Hamitic] world down to the level of being subhuman at best. Magic was used as an avenue to commit Hate Crimes against the ancient Black Hamitic-typed people to ultimately destroy their complete freedom and of course, this still happens today. But today, due to certain kinds of technology that has now become available, I now can make some observations and conclusions for myself to report and to dispel a lot of doubt and mystery.

    In just a short amount of time and due to technology and technological advancements, mankind have went from horse drawn carts, chariots, and buggies to making Zechariah’s prophecy come to light. The four horses that drove the chariots have finally been put inside of the chariot and so now we have such inventions as the four horse powered engines and etc. put into cars and then can go from one point to the next in a short amount of time in comparison to travel as it occurred in ancient times. The Persian Empire pony express system and the ancient foot runners and messenger systems have been taken to a whole other level as well. The Industrial Age that began around the A.D. 1800s caused so many materials to become manufactured, replicated, and then mass produced and within a short amount of time such things as bananas from perhaps South America can be picked, boxed, and shipped in an airplane and within a few hours can end up in an open market, a grocery store fruit stand, or restaurant in USA, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, or anywhere else in this world. From substances collected in bulk from the hot regions of the world such as rubber or chocolate, they could quickly end up in USA or Europe in some manufacturing plant, and within a short amount of time, such things as a small pack of chewing gum wrapping paper could end up in the trash in some remote place and civilization in Asia or etc. The tracking system that came about due to so much mass production has caused even an apple picked from an abundant apple bearing tree from a large tree farm to end up being labeled with a digital sticker, taxed, and sold for a price at a grocery store within just a few days from being picked from the tree bringing in an abundant of wealth to the owners of the land property. In just a short amount of time technology produced cars, trains, buses, trucks, airplanes and much more.

    Train tracks were laid down all across this planet, although with much trepidation in the hot regions of the world, and at once was the most important mode of transportation in regards to getting mass trade productions to trade centers to be marketed. But now, they have been surpassed due to the extensive roadway developments for truck and tractor trailer transportations and due to the advancements of air transport of which has reduced the amount of time to bring earth’s substances from the earth to the trade market where it can be marked, taxed and sent somewhere for further trade. Although there has been many famines in certain places of the world in the distant past and present, still there are many substances that can be extracted from the earth and processed continually to be used in so many seemingly immeasurable ways. The sun still shines on the earth, rain still waters the earth, and it still moves in sync with other stars that help to keep it balanced to the point that it still yields continually but today though, has mankind’s technological advancements caused an imbalance to occur to the degree that the earth has become so depleted it cannot yield abundantly as it has done so in the past to keep up with the demands of the World Trade Market? Has mankind’s actions caused a crisis to occur in respect to the earth’s ability to produce substances to sustain all life, or would there be other issues beyond mankind’s control that also contribute to a recent crisis in which has caused severe famines to occur? For certain some governments have become extremely competitive towards each other in regards to production and trade and there was a fierce race against time to prove which system could become the best at everything. Because of this competitiveness, the earth has obviously become affected to some degree and one of the most intense competitions that occurred between the most powerful governmental systems was the race for arms and the space programs that was instituted and justified for various reasons. The amount of financing that went into these endeavors that involved many years, many areas of funded research and study, and massive amounts of needed materials has admittedly become a great burden to the economic stability of this world.

    The enormous amount of expenses that have went out to support the space program has been counteracted in an attempt to offset the problems created on earth in many ways. In one respect, a vast amount of trade items became manufactured and made available to the masses of common people and this has in turn enhanced mankind’s quality of life. Healthy food items such as ‘space food sticks’ and types of freeze-dried food and boil-in-bag food, used in the space program became manufactured and made available for the common populations and many new engineering innovations created became manufactured on a lesser scale and implemented into certain educational systems or sold at many scientific trade and tourist centers and made available for the common masses at a price that brought in much revenue. Also, a vast variety of toys and educational gadgets based upon the space program were manufactured and sold in toy stores and other mass market places and made available to the public all across the world and it would be by this process that the average person became able to purchase even a simple telescope and open a window of opportunity to be able to gain a better understanding of science and the universe that was not even available for ancient priest-scientist to experience. Not only have I been able to see the moon more close up, but I have been able to see much farther past this to behold the astonishing and breathtaking close view of the planets Jupiter and Saturn and witness their uniqueness as they are suspended in the heavens and verify some information for myself. When I looked up at the red planet, the planet Mars, and considered the awesome fact that I could actually see two planets that were so much farther away, it opened a door for me to gain a much better understanding and it gave me so many other avenues in which to think, ponder, and understand my existence within this universe. Cont.
    And I turned, and lifted up mine eyes, and looked, and,
    behold, there came four chariots out from between two
    mountains; and the mountains were mountains of brass.
    In the first chariot were red horses; and in the second chariot
    black horses; And in the third chariot white horses; and in the fourth
    chariot grisled and bay horses. Then I answered and said unto
    the angel that talked with me, What are these, my lord?
    ZECHARIAH 6:1-4.

    *This deep prophecy has been overlooked by many. The key phrase in this prophecy would be ‘in the first chariot’ and etc., ‘in the chariots’. Back in those times, horses were NOT in the chariots but they pulled the chariots, yet Zechariah repeatedly stated that the horses were ‘in the chariots’. When he asked what was the meaning of the vision, the reply was that the horses represented the spirits that came out of heaven revealing that ‘the horses’ were correlated to ‘spirits’ and therefore it reveals a deep prophecy in how there would come a time when ‘the horses’ would be put ‘inside of the chariots’. In regards to the Seven Spirits of the Living God, such as fire [light], oil, water, blood, ‘breath’, sound [thunder] and Urim & Thumim. This too would directly correlate to this prophecy, especially in relation to ‘the black horses’ because that would represent ‘the petroleum technological advancement’ [Black oil] that becomes directly related to how engines were powered. Many White Bible scholars highlight the manifestations of the Seven Spirits of the living God but do not shed light on the essential origins of what emanates from the heavens. There are many levels to prophecy that according to the Bible is revealed at the will of the Holy Spirit, and when revelations occur and are interpreted, they should be able to be clearly provable and confirmed. However, many have read the Bible but lack understanding of certain aspects of it including myself [we all know in part] and so, if it was not meant for someone to understand certain concepts in the Bible, then that has nothing to do with mankind.
    The chariots shall rage in the streets, they shall justle
    one against another in the broad ways: they shall seem
    like torches, they shall run like the lightnings. NAHUM 2:4.

    *broadways or highways; the invention of cars…the phrase ‘they shall seem like torches’ correlates to ‘headlights’.

    A spinoff is an item designed for NASA use that later becomes a commercial product that benefits the American public. Food technology spinoffs benefit dining rooms throughout the world. NASA licenses dozens of space-age technologies and connects with the private sector through business-to-business partnerships to create products that improve lives here on Earth.
    Advancements in food packaging, preservation…

    … Modeling the NASA meal system, Sky-Lab Foods, Inc., began offering the public a variety of freeze-dried foods that are reconstituted by adding water. Other meals were produced and packaged in retort pouches, an innovative flexible package that combines the advantages of the metal can and the boil-in-bag. Such packaging blocks moisture and oxygen, both enemies of food preservation, giving foods longer shelf life with no refrigeration required. Spinoff 1980...
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